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Panasonic says 20-inch, 4K tablet is perfect for photographers

We got a hands-on with the new Panasonic tablet at CES in January.

Panasonic first revealed its 20-inch 4K (3840x2560, 230ppi) at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. Now, the electronics manufacturer has shared a video touting the high-resolution display's use for photographers.

Back in January, we learned that the tablet runs Windows 8, is powered by an Intel i5 processor and comes with 4GB RAM which can be expanded to 16GB. It may come as no surprise that the battery life is listed as approximately two hours. Panasonic claims the color reproduction is very accurate and the tablet comes with a high-resolution digital pen (Anoto touch-pen) for precise control and data input.

Tablets are used by many photographers as a live viewing screen or for on-the-go edits. Apple's retina-display iPad is a favorite of mobile photographers and DLSR users alike. Does Panasonic's new tablet have what it takes to attract photographers?


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If you think this is too big or has too many pixels or the battery life isn't good enough, you completely miss the point!! This thing is PERFECT for the photo studio. From teathered shooting, processing, painting, through to showing work to clients. The only thing that seems like a glaring issue is the seeming lack of pressure sensitivity. I SO want something like this for Lightroom, Photoshop, etc. But I want to be able to paint on it! There are photographers/studios that would pay a premium for such a device. As it is there are no great options I'm finding that will run Windows, have plenty of RAM, a 1920x1200 or better screen, decent video card and a good pressure sensitive pen. The Surface Pro being the best looking option, but small screen and lacking RAM (a pressure sensitive driver is in the works). Tablets are in general just not being made to do high quality content creation. That's sad.


All the negative comments about this being too big, and too short a battery life are, I assume, coming from people who's entire concept of a tablet is shaped by their 7" Android planner or their 10" iPad, neither of which can be used for anything approaching efficient content creation or real work.

Unfortunately, I think Panasonic teamed with the wrong pen manufacturer, as the early specs have the monstrous, optical-guided pen which is not pressure sensitive. An electromagnetic resonance (i.e. Wacom style) pen would have been far, far more useful and ergonomic for this application.

This has (except for the pen, and possibly bat life) everything for remote work you would need - real Intel, real Windows, pixel accurate pen, IPS screen (hopefully high % Adobe RGB), and a 1.5:1 near-A3 size for accurate photo editing on the fly.

This isn't for you to watch movies on the flight to Disney, it's for getting work done. (PS - For $250, you can put an 8 hour battery in your bag)

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'no source material' in 4K?? Nonsense, 4K is only 8 Megapixels, most digital cameras from the last ten years have this resolution for stills. Especially for DSLRs you need such resolution to see the pictures in optimal quality, the Nikon D800 mentioned has 4x the resolution of 4K for stills!!

And for video, many cheap cameras and some smarphones already offer 4K video capture, although often with some limitations. Can't be long before it is common technology.

I don't think 4K video on small screens makes sense, but for stills (professional image editing) it does.


Thanks a lot For such a Nice Information.
4K is arriving at the display end but the source material in 4K is currently almost non-existent... the Nikon D800 (for photos) and only a few (very expensive) video cameras come to mind... so it is not "normal" currently. When all recording, editing and display hardware are 4K capable then the prices will be affordable


Well, "for photos" 4K is rather low; many compacts best that!


Who wants a tablet that has a 2 hour battery life, seriously?

Ron Poelman

All that's lacking is a surround in RED !!!
20" = slab not tablet.
Try stuffing that one in the briefcase.


This is so stupid, the point of a tablet is portability. 20" and a 2 hour battery life is any BUT portable.


A 20" tablet? I already find a 10" tablet a bit difficult to handle, and now we have a device that is 4x larger. Not really portable.
And BTW, how about some 4k capable (consumer) cameras? Panasonics new camcorder line-up still sticks to FullHD, so their new still cameras.


Stupid LCD monitor manufacturers like Panasonic will put 1080P on 5 inch cellphones,1200P on a 10" tablet and 4K on a 20" "tablet" but refuse to produce and sell affordable 4K monitors for use by normal people.

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Joe Ogiba

Sharp has a 4K 32" monitor coming for $5,500. Most "normal" people don't even know what a 4K monitor is and BTW I have a Verizon HTC Droid DNA smartphone with 1080p 5" display that looks great.

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4K is arriving at the display end but the source material in 4K is currently almost non-existent... the Nikon D800 (for photos) and only a few (very expensive) video cameras come to mind... so it is not "normal" currently. When all recording, editing and display hardware are 4K capable then the prices will be affordable... until then you are abnormal. :-)

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I find this quite amusing. People are buying 'retina' tablets but there's still no affordable 24 or 27" monitor with anything like the pixel density offered by smartphones and tablets.

If I were Microsoft I would be pushing demand for / commissioning and / or investing in the development of higher resolution 'Everyman' monitors so that Windows desktops recover their viewing size advantage over 'retina' tablets.

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Weird video. A its in 480p. At least give us a quarter of the resolution of the device you are showing. Also what exactly is he doing when he starts sloppily tracing the guys shoulder? And hopefully the tablet only recognizes the pen so you can write with your hand on the screen. Oh and why is the flash going off when taking land scape shots? So many questions.

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I want one. Can showcase my photos properly. Add photos etc., without iTunes. Never enough resolution for large photos.


..still not good enough (In my opinion)...of the High reflecting screen.... :(

Means..u need a dark background at all time.....

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do you really need that resolution on a 20" tablet?


No-one needs it, but many *want* it ;)


@martindesu - are you sure "many" want it? I'd say NOT many want it. Sure, a couple people might want it. But not many.

Plus, "approximately two hours" of battery life probably translates to "a little bit more than an hour of battery life" in real world use. Not many people would want that in ANY mobile device.

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