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'We still have a lot to cover': Apple announces event for October 22nd


The rumors were true. Apple will have its next press event on October 22nd — the same day as Nokia World

Experts are predicting that next week's Apple event will bring a fifth generation iPad, a new iPad mini with a high-resolution retina display, as well as a new MacBook Pro. We should also see the release of the latest version of OS X, and it's possible that we'll find out the release date of the next-generation Mac Pro as well. 

Although it's a stretch, we'd love to believe that the stylized "dead leaves" shown in the invite might be a (heavily) veiled reference to a new product or announcement in the field of photography. Why? Well, the so-called "dead leaves" pattern is a test target used in critical image analysis (including DxO Mark's Mobile reports on smartphone cameras here on Connect). But maybe that's just wishful thinking ...

As always, if Apple announces anything with relevance for mobile photographers, we will be here to report it.


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We still have a lot to "cover." I think that's the hint: "Cover."

I'm pretty sure they're going to come up with some kind of Surface style keyboard cover for the new iPads.

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We "still" have a lot to cover. I think that's the hint: "Still". As in still.... PHOTOGRAPHY... :p

Ok, I'm just being silly.

Guess we'll just have to wait and see. I'm not an Apple user, but would like to see something more revolutionary again. Last releases have been a bit 'me too'.

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You mean evolutionary?


Sigh.. yet another silly nonsense item from Apple I would guess... yes - there covers allow you to now do more than just close the lid.. but it will cost you $100 extra.

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Ok, I'm playing this game as well:
We still have a "lot" to cover...
A parking lot all covered in iPad/iPhone screens?
With dead leaves pictures?

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Total comments: 5
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