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Nokia pushes out its own YouTube Upload app

So far, YouTube Upload is only available on Lumia 1020 smartphones.

Sometimes, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. Tired of slow-moving Windows Phone 8 developments from Google, Lumia and Microsoft have released their own versions of the YouTube app. 

The first manifestation of YouTube on Windows Phone 8 was a viewing-only app released in May. After a confrontation with Google, Microsoft updated the YouTube app to allow for in-app ad viewing. Still, users could not upload videos within Microsoft's YouTube app.

Today, Nokia released an app that allows for the upload of videos to YouTube from Lumia devices. So far, YouTube Upload only seems to work on the brand new 41-megapixel Lumia 1020, but tech experts expect Nokia to allow other Lumia devices to download the app soon.

Android and iOS users can already upload videos to YouTube through the official Google-made YouTube and YouTube Capture apps.

The release of YouTube Upload by Nokia is just another indication that the hardware maker is taking imaging seriously. Recently, Nokia launched its own mobile photography blog where it highlights how Lumia users can get the most out of their device's camera and imaging software.



.... is just another indication that the hardware maker is taking imaging seriously. -- ok and how many indications the world needs to finally acknowledge that?
A peer to peer review of current smartphones with old Nokia models like the N95 and N8 would do so well as a refreshment.
Too bad Nokia blew it as a software maker. RIP true Linux phone with superior camera and full user control.
Or not, as the title indicates they just came to release a software update to the Youtube part of their hardware?

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