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Olloclip releases iPhone 5 lenses

The Olloclip fits snugly over the iPhone's camera.

Olloclip’s line of fitted iPhone lenses turn the 33mm camera into a wide-angle, fisheye or macro lens. Two months after the launch of the iPhone 5, the new Olloclip is ready just in time for the holidays.

While the product is essentially the same as before, Olloclip mentions the benefits of combining the accessory with the new panorama feature on iOS 6. When using the Olloclip’s fisheye or wide angle lens with iOS 6’s new panorama feature, iPhone photographers can capture a taller and wider composition. 

This photo, featured on Olloclip's Flickr page, shows a panorama taken with Olloclip's wide angle lens. 

We reviewed the Olloclip for iPhone 4/4S lenses in October and found them versatile, easy to use and well-made. We were also pleasantly surprised by the optical quality from the wide angle lens. The Olloclip is available from Photojojo for $70.


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I would say the dark patch is caused by the iPhone AE noticing the bright sun and turning down the exposure


In olloclips panorama photo, how come the valley in the middle with direct sunlight looks dark?

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It's the color of the terrain, nothing to do with the lens. The foreground is lighter-colored soil.

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