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Spinpod aims to set your smartphone spinning

Spinpod is gaining ground on Kickstarter as a multipurpose tool for smartphone photographers.

If you've ever tried snapping a panorama picture with your smartphone, you know this can be a tricky task. 

Spinpod seeks to ease the experience and result in smoother stitching as it slowly — and, most importantly, steadily — rotates your smartphone in either landscape or portrait orientation. The gadget also promises to help you take motion time lapse photos and serve as a stand.

Spinpod creators Zhiping Chen & Daniel Aharoni are seeking support on Kickstarter. The device is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, as well as cameras, and a threaded tripod mount can attach the Spinpod to a tripod. A delay timer/step interval function lets you step into your own panorama scenes, or create 0.5, 1, 2, 5 and 10 second step intervals for your motion time lapse videos. This is one we hope we get to test.

See the Spinpod in action below: 

via The Phoblographer


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Why is taking a pano hard with a phone? I do it all the time.. autostich program do all the hard work....

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A great idea, but it is not easily put in pocket.

I'd prefer to buy a micro-dSLR with call module?

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great idea.
But having the camera centred in the pod would be even better in terms of the capturing a 'true' panorama. Especially a 360 view.
Perhaps an adjustable plate that can be put in the slot, and then used to centre the sensor of the imaging device.

Is the motor powerful enough to rotate a prosumer DSLR? Seems like it from the video. But what is the limit.

But either way, at a sensible price, I could see me buying one.

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I agree. Placing the system on a slightly uneven stone like in the video and mass center changing while rotating, the whole thing may flip over.


Reminds me to eat at a nice restaurant tonight...

They have this Lazy Susan where you gorge on dumplings and spring rolls...


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Smartphones can use their accelerometer / gyroscope as a spirit level.

This was meant as a reply to Ron Co, but for some reason I can't seem to get the appropriate button to come up on my mobile device...

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Hmmm, I can reply to this, though...


That is so crazy how smart that is, to use the accelerometer/gyroscopes to level. Crazy good!


Does it have a spirit level or means of ensuring constant horizon level for panoramas? Placing it on a rock and expecting a level result seems a bit optimistic but hopefully they have worked it out, looks fun. Price would determine popularity as usual


Looks like an alternate take on the "strap your camera on an analog egg timer" idea. Granted, most egg timers require 60 minutes for a complete time-lapsed 360-degree panorama, but can lead to cool artistic effects.

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Certainly an interesting concept.

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