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EyeEm update for iOS comes with EyeZoom


EyeEm, a photo sharing platform and image marketplace, has released an update to its iOS app which takes it closer to the recently-overhauled Android version. The redesign attempts to put more focus on the images by changing font sizes and moving controls around, and the new EyeZoom feature lets you zoom into images by tapping on them. For this purpose a higher-resolution version of each image is loaded in the background.

The menu also got a redesign and you'll now get access to all major image categories in the same place: photos of your friends, your own profile, the discover feed which highlights popular images in the community and photos that were taken and posted in geographical proximity to yourself.

Last but not least the missions section of the app has been renovated, making it easier to find out about mission goals and potential prizes and find inspiration through already submitted images. EyeEm usually runs its missions in cooperation with industry partners and with the app update has launched two new ones with Foursquare and the Huffington Post. If you want to check them out you'll be able to find them in the newly designed Missions tab. The new version of EyeEm for iOS can be downloaded now from the Apple App Store

Via: EyeEm Blog



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I don't get photo sharing platforms. You upload picture and link to Facebook. Might just upload to FB and be done with it.

Lars Rehm

Apps like EyeEm and Instagram are massive social networks in themselves. It would be interesting to know what proportion of images is shared to FB but my guess is it's rather small. It also appears FB is making it rather difficult to share EyeEm pictures...because they want users to use their own Instagram...


How is FB making it hard for developers? I'm not surprised, but would like more details. Thanks.


the zoom feature seems a bit obvious. But then I realised Instagram can't zoom at all.

Total comments: 4
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