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GoPro releases app for Android

This screenshot, provided by GoPro, shows the interface of its new Android app.

A month after GoPro’s iOS app release, the tough and tiny camera maker released their free Android version.

The GoPro App controls HD Hero2 cameras enabled with Wi-Fi BacPac and allows for a live, remote viewfinder to help you frame your shots. While the GoPro app runs on anything newer than Android 2.2, GoPro recommends using versions 4.0 or newer for the best video streaming.

In order to use the app, GoPro users must first update the software on their Hero2s. Compatibility with the White and Silver Edition Hero3 will be available later in November, and the Black Edition Hero3 will be compatible in December. The GoPro app is not compatible with the original HD Hero.


GoPro is a fine idea, and this app might open all kinds of good use, when the camera is mounted someplace out of reach, like on the plane or a paraglider wing.
I can also imagine several not-so-good uses, even among the criminally unacceptable, since the camera may now sit innocently where you don't want it, while the parallel recording happens someplace entirely different.
I hope I'm wrong there, but heroes seem not to be what they once were... ;)

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