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What could your smartphone do with a 48-core Intel chip?

Can Intel researchers squeeze a 48-core processor into your mobile device?

A 48-core Intel processor designed for smartphones and tablets is in the works, reports Computerworld.

Although Intel researchers estimate the chip could be five to 10 years out, such innovation could push your smartphone or mobile device to behave more like a computer, able to accomplish multiple tasks simultaneously.

Perhaps even more intriguing, we thought, was a quote in the story from industry analyst Patrick Moorhead:

"If we're going to have this technology in five to 10 years, [the smartphone] won't have just one camera. It would have two to three cameras that are always on. It could build a three-dimensional map of what it's looking at and do object recognition. You could finally do things that take way too much processing power today."

Read the full story from Computerworld.


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Intel is talking about the far future in order to distract people from what is going on in the present with smartphones. Right now, ARM is dominating in phones and tablets. If this continues, 10 years from now Intel will be just another company making ARM processors, like Samsung, TI, Broadcom, etc.




Let me make an unpopular guess. Run Android versions smoothly?

(something like a Single core ARM runs MeeGo Harmattan on an outdated Nokia N9 smoothly with full mutitasking - anno 2011)

five to 10 years for multitasking... Depressing talk, really..

Software guys, do something.

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I hope they also have better batteries in 5-10 years so that these 48-core super-smart-phones can operate for more than a few hours.


i hate having to charge the phone so i spend a lot of time turning radios off when i don't need them and don't use the 4G or HPSTA+ or whatever it is unless i need it. i keep display brightness down and use dark skins on applications. so, i agree with your battery wish.

i wonder what the use of this 3D map would be..? sinister ultra direct marketing? there is already some camera intended to be worn around a person's neck. it takes pictures when light levels change, it is violently upset, or key words are spoken. so the result are snapshots when you walk into the pub (i think this was the example used by the PR blurb...), trip over the curb, mutter 'ohh, my'.

maybe 48 cores and 3D stuff will enable a better 'record my life' experience...


Or you could just buy an iPhone, which lasts more than a day with all this stuff turned _on_.


with care, i get 2-3 days. with great care, i get 10 days. i like treating the device as a phone until i need it to do something else. as that implies, though, i am not a facebooker and am not very.. connected. i 'check my email' rather than have the device constantly querying the server. i surveyed the people i know and asked if they wanted my GPS to report to them via facebook when i had reached my destination. the responses varied between polite ambivalence and huh?

i am glad to hear the Apple phones have good battery life. if i had an Apple phone, i would probably manage it the same way.

Total comments: 7
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