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2013 Mobile Photography Awards announced

Cedric Blanchon - Grand Prize

The Mobile Photography Awards has announced France's Cedric Blanchon as its grand prize winner. The DIPTIC/MPA photo essay first place winner is Cesar Rodriguez-Becerra of Mexico. With more than 7,000 images, this year's competition received a record number of entries from nearly 75 countries. 

The winners and honorable mentions offer “…a rare opportunity for viewers to see the best from all of the leading genres in mobile photography," says Daniel Berman, the founder of the annual awards. "From our Street Photography finalists to our Visual FX stylists, the images are, in many instances, the world’s finest examples of the kind of ground-breaking creative opportunities afforded by these amazing devices.”

Premiering in April, the winning images will be available for viewing and purchasing as limited editions at gallery exhibits and fine art fairs throughout 2014. If you can't make it to one of the exhibitions you can also see them now on

Matthew Gee - 1st Place MPA Landscapes
John Nieto - 1st Place MPA Portrait
Marie Matthews - 1st Place MPA Performing Arts
Clay Butch-Benskin - MPA Street Honorable Mention
S.Y SO - MPA Honorable Mention


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It doesn't matter what you use to shoot an image and post it, as long as it conveys something


How do we know that the images are taken with a cellphone and not images taken with a dslr or a m43 camera?


At the MPA we vet all of the images in multiple ways. Obviously, we conduct basic EXIF tests, reverse image searches to obtain other versions of the same image which may have different metadata. We also ask entrants to provide the original, unprocessed image straight from the phone. There are several further, more obscure and time consuming methods we can employ if needed.

Hope that clarifies.

Daniel Berman

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There are honest prople in the world

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