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Connect with us to win $5,000 through our photo contest


We invite you to share our vision of Connect, a new gateway to the world of connected imaging.

We want to know what "connect" means to you.

How do you connect with others through mobile photography?

How has this new medium fostered a sense of connection and community among those creating, sharing and enjoying images through "smart" phones and cameras, and image-sharing platforms?

Share your perspective through our photo contest for a chance to win our $5,000 grand prize! Second place will receive $3,000, and four honorable mention winners will be awarded $500.

Be sure to submit your photo by October 24, 2012.



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When I tried to submitted the photo thr' Internet Explorer, I'm getting error as "Not a valid Jpg type". But I tried the same thr' Chrome I got success message. Any one faced the smiliar kind of issue? Because I'm not sure whether photo is posted in the contest or not.


The photo contest link above should go to I think instead of back to this page.

One thing I find interesting about the contest is that rule condition (c): namely - (c) his/her Photo has not previously been distributed through any media channel; pretty much means I wouldn't be able to enter any of my already connected photos. Since wouldn't pretty much any social photo sharing service be a media channel?

Not that I'm not going to enter and I realize this is probably for legalese reasons. Just sayin!


Another is issue is this:
(i) he/she has received the written consent of any person (or parent or legal guardian if such person is a minor) who appears in any Photo.

How on earth when doing candid photography or street photography are you expected to get written consent?

For that reason I can't enter.

Steven Dale

Total comments: 3
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