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Apple buys 3D sensor company PrimeSense

PrimeSense's Captri chip (shown here next to a pencil for size) is ready for use in tablets, mobile phones, and other consumer electronics.

Apple has purchased PrimeSense—a company that specializes in 3D sensors. The $345 million deal will give Apple access to the motion sensing technology that was the biggest selling point of Microsoft's Xbox 360 Kinect.

Analysts are predicting that Apple will use the technology in everything from smartphones to Apple TV. Others are wondering if this is an example of Apple buying up technology so that its competitors can no longer use it. (Venture Beat notes that Apple already has its own 3D imaging patents.)

PrimeSense has a pretty good idea of what its ideal 3D tech-using world will look like. Check out the world's cheesiest promotional video about 3D technology below:

If Apple does decide to use some 3D sensors in its next tablet or smartphone, how would it be done? Would it have a front-facing sensor for touchless interaction like the Samsung Galaxy S4? Or could Apple incorporate the technology into its rear-facing camera to help users take better photos?


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Kendall Helmstetter Gelner

Drawing clouds on your ceiling is the next Microsoft Surface (not the tablet).

However I have to say that proposing during a video game and having your Roomba bring you the ring might possibly be the least romantic proposal ever. Although virtual "big wall" would be an awesome date game.


Did anyone else notice that there's a big typo on 0:30?
It says "ELEVAOR FULL" instead of "Elevator"

Other than that, the biggest issue with those voice and movement recognition devices (apart from privacy issues), is that the device doesn't know when what you're saying or if your movements (like stretching in the couch) would be a command or not (unless you can add a Lock feature to avoid those accidents).


Lucky Apple did not buy a toilet bowl company.
Otherwise I'll have to shxx outside their Cupertino Flying sausage new HQ. :-D

Chuck Lantz

If Apple purchased PrimeSense just so that ad would never appear, anywhere, I'd say it's money well-spent.

Total comments: 4
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