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Stock Android HTC One announced

The stock Android HTC One will appeal to Android fans who want the One's hardware but are not interested in HTC's extra apps and alternative interface.

HTC's One smartphone will be available with stock Android for $599. Like the "pure" Android version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google recently announced, the HTC One come with standard Android 4.2.2 and will receive updates directly from Google instead of relying on carriers or manufacturers to push through new versions of the software.

The user experience of the stock Android HTC One will be identical to Google's Nexus devices. This latest version of the HTC One will be available on June 26th through Google Play. Check out the details from HTC's press release


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Finally somebody said loud ......Its not about pixel quantity, but quality!

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Eddy M

I prefer their BinkFeed than boring looking stock android home screen. I wanted to buy this phone because of the hardware and of course its BlinkFeed but the 5MP camera really turned me off.
Still HTC BlinkFeed looks a lot better than stock android.


stock android is only as good as you make it look. You can make it look AMAZING. If you dont put in the time to find nice widgets,themes, etc. then it will probably be boring looking.


Well this is good news!, hope it comes to Verizon.


A little late HTC. Should've been from the get-go


Nope...the regular HTC One with Sense is awesome. I think many people don't realize how much you lose going 'pure' Android.

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Nonsense. Put a third-party launcher on it (like Nova launcher) if you don't like the stock launcher. You can replace everything on HTC sense with apps from Google Play.

The huge advantage of stock Android is that you get updates straight from Google, instead of waiting an year to get update to the latest Android. And even worse more often carriers and manufacturers just stop updating the phone altogether.

Getting updates straight from Google is a big advantage, and you aren't going to miss HTC sense once you try something better (like Nova launcher)

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Total comments: 7
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