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Cooliris lets you see all your photos in one app

Cooliris lets you view all of your photos in one place.

It can be hard to keep track of all of your photo sharing social networks. Cooliris allows iOS users to check their photos from Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Google+, SmugMug, Twitter, Renren, Google Search and Google Drive. From Cooliris, users can then download photos to their device as well as share the images to Facebook.

Cooliris’s latest update allows users to view their friends' photos as well as their own—consolidating photo social networking to one app. Users can now also view images from Dropbox and upload photos to the file sharing service straight from the app.

Download Cooliris's free app here for your iPhone or iPad.


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OK, but I need it for Android ... :)

For my phone, tablet, smart TV ...

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why not just design an app that lets you plug into ANY photo sharing site... ? What about Photobucket?,, owncloud, etc? Shame this hasn't been done for more than just the typical sites like dropbox...

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All of the photo sharing sites expose their own API's which means that an app has to be coded specifically to make support them. Targeting iOS and the popular photo sharing services is obviously a good start. There's nothing to say that they won't support more services or other mobile operating systems in the future.

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