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Adobe announces 'Photoshop Mix' for iPad


Adobe has announced Photoshop Mix - a new image organization and manipulation app which can sync with Photoshop CC for desktop computers and Lightroom Mobile via Adobe's Creative Cloud.

Photoshop Mix allows you to cut out and combine elements from two different images, and make selections based on touch.
Mix offers several editing features that will be familiar to Photoshop users, including content-aware fill for getting rid of unwanted scene elements. 

Photoshop Mix allows you to access local files on your iPad, as well as importing pictures from Creative Cloud and social media sites like Facebook. You can apply one of several preset filter effects, and tweak the filters to taste, as well as crop and edit files using touch-based selection and masking tools.

Photoshop Mix is based on the same engine that powers Lightroom and Photoshop. The app supports layers, and files synced to Creative Cloud from Mix can be opened and edited in Photoshop CC and Lightroom Mobile (and vis-versa) This is especially useful for complex edits, where work can be started using the masking and layering tools in Mix on an iPad and fine-tuned using the more advanced tools available in Photoshop CC. 

Adobe Photoshop Mix is available now, free of charge in the Apple app store, but to take full advantage of it, you'll need an Adobe CC account. 


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After wasting a year's subscription to CC and discovering the Photoshop CS6 I already owned did everything CC did, I'm of the opinion Adobe are out of ideas. Photoshop Lightroom for a mobile phone, eh? That's impressive. I can't even get my fingers to fit a single key, much less be bothers trying to use a phone to manage my image database. But carry on Adobe... Sooner or later you'll come out with something that's actually usable.

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Another free item if you have CC. No thanks is the polite answer! I would use the full force of my vocabulary if I ever met a senior Adobe executive.

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Kabe Luna

Gee, a new whiz bang remix of existing features–offered tantalizingly free of charge–that, to be truly useful, requires an Adobe CC account. Which, of course, will cost me.

No thanks, Adobe. I've just gotten to the point where I need neither Lightroom or Photoshop (amazing just how finished one can get an image in Capture One Pro! Very often, I don't need to touch it once it's exported) for the vast majority of my work. I'm not interested in plugging back into your pay-to-play ecosystem.

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Note that it requires iOS7.

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