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On your holiday shopping list? The V.4 for the iPhone 4/4S will first be sold exclusively by London’s Selfridges for £299. The slide-out keyboard makes sharing and tagging photos easier, according to creator Photos via The Telegraph by Gerald Gonzales.

As we shared last week, the Black Eyed Peas' is launching his own line of accessories for the iPhone. 

The Telegraph shared initial images of the products today, which are flashy to say the least. 

Two models, the vintage style V.4 in white and gold with a slide-out keyboard and the contemporary C.4, will be available starting December 6, sold exclusively at London’s Selfridges. The V.4 will run you £299 while the C.4 will start at £199. The V.4 and C.4 are compatible with the iPhone 4/4S, versions for the iPhone 5 won't be available until next year. claims the accessory turns the 8-megapixel iPhone into a 14-megapixel camera by adding a second sensor. The product also features a "better" flash, interchangeable lenses including standard, fish-eye, wide and zoom versions, as well as built-in photo editing and filters.

The V.4 for the iPhone 4/4S features a vintage look and will be available starting December 6. A version for the iPhone 5, the V.5, is not expected until next year.
A contemporary version called the C.4 will sell for £199. also promises social sharing via accessories, and users will have their own online profile on the website.

You can sign up to be notified about the product's official launch via the website, and also check out what appears to be a third design style. 

What do you think? Will an accessory be on your holiday wish list? 


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Pretty cool. Although design is not for everybody. But hey its just design. If the concept survives. there will be others coming. :-)


Very cool! The vintage one would look good with a more upscale "steampunk" ensemble, perhaps at a party or an event!

1 upvote really knows what iPhotographers will be an iSuccess.

Next...the iLoo.


It's horrific.


You should have noted that £299 V4 doesn't change iPhone sensor. It merely allows add-on lenses (2 shipped, wide angle and fisheye) and flash.

The one with extra sensor will be V5 for unspecified price. It will be made in collaboration with Fusion Garage, and all previous products by that company (tablets) have failed.

Answering "what do I think" question - this BS isn't worth a second of attention.


once you start getting into all these weird mobile phone add ons, its no longer a mobile phone anymore and at that point you should just buy a point and shoot, i enjoy mobile photography, but i enjoy it because i can just pickup my samsung and post it to IG, thats the whole point of a mobile phone. These attachments are getting ridiculous now.

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Total comments: 8
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