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Tablets becoming more popular among Americans

Tablets like Apple's new iPad mini (pictured) are becoming more popular among Americans.

More and more Americans are buying tablets. A new report from Pew Internet and American Life Project says that 35% of Americans over 16 have a tablet, and 24% have dedicated e-readers like the Nook or Kindle. Overall, the average number of people with either a tablet or an e-reader is at 43%.

The report shows the findings of over 6,000 surveys between July and September of this year. It also asked whether or not the participants owned a cell phone or smartphone. While 91% claimed to own a cell phone, only 55% said they had a smartphone. 

As manufacturers like Apple and Nokia turn their attention to large format mobile devices just in time for the holiday season, we will likely see another spike in tablet sales. 

Check out the full findings of the report here.


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tablets are good for browsing, email, games and books/magazines but are no where near laptops for usefulness

Try to download one of your photo's from flickr and upload to another forum on a tablet and see what I mean.

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As long as my tablet is not crippled by some greedy company, I will buy and use it.


I'll never get a desktop or notebook again.

Tablets are here to stay. The cloud, Internet friendly TVs and bluetooth keyboards ensure it.

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Yes tablets are here to stay. I use my iPad a lot. But it's no replacement for a good full-fledged computer.

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By (unknown member) (Oct 24, 2013)

"Tablets becoming more popular among Americans"

This is news? This was the case starting with the first iPad. :)

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