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Snap/Shot Galleria offers unique look at L.A.

Civic photo diary "Snap/Shot Galleria" features raw street scenes of Los Angeles. Founder Kwasi Boyd-Bouldin shared these photos captured with his Samsung Galaxy S2 on the site as part of his collection titled "Los Angeles via Mobile."

The roving shooters of web photo diary Snap/Shot Galleria share their gritty visions of street-level Los Angeles, California, where contrasty images mirror the gaping space between entertainment industry glitz and everyday life struggles.

Having started his photography life with film and a darkroom, Snap/Shot Galleria founder Kwasi Boyd-Bouldin now leans heavily on his Samsung Galaxy S2 and a variety of apps to help build an "endless portrait of the city."

"The ability to to take pictures without carrying my larger camera has been a game-changer," Boyd-Bouldin said. "And the trade-off with image quality is made up for with size, convenience and overall mobility of the platform. Having such a small (and silent) camera, I have been able to take pictures that I just wouldn't have been able to take with my larger setup."

Although the site features snaps of fashion shoots and theater performers too, the focus remains on stark images of seemingly mundane street life, often snapped with mobile devices.

"Being that L.A. is the entertainment capital of the world, most of the photographs associated with the city are centered around that image," Boyd-Bouldin explained. "That runs contrary to the experience that I and several of my friends have had growing up here, so I thought that it would be great to have a platform to fill that void and showcase our interpretations of Los Angeles."

The site features four core photographers -- Kwasi Boyd-Bouldin, Erwin Recinos, Leo Quijano II and Luis Torres -- and accepts contributions from other L.A. shooters. They're always on the lookout for new photographers who share their fine art approach to capturing the city.

Snap/Shot Galleria photographer Erwin Recinos offered this description for this photo shared on the group's site: "No hydraulics, rims, or LED lights. Just an old fashion stock Ford Pickup from the 50′s that rides as smooth as it was off the lot."
Erwin Recinos/From his ongoing series How To Survive in South Central
Kwasi Boyd-Bouldin/From his Melrose Alleys "Locals Only …" set
Kwasi Boyd-Bouldin/Landscape, L.A. River
Leo Quijano II/The Red Army


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"Just an old fashion stock Ford Pickup from the 50′s that rides as smooth as it was off the lot."

How smoothly could it roll with wheels that shape!?!???

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Under The Sun

Hehe, its probably the lens distortion. :)


Love the Ford truck...


I find mobile photographers think outside the box a little more than many your "traditional" D/SLR photography dinosaurs. The result is more interesting images to look at. I don't care about resolution or dynamic range. That's for the technically minded gear heads and matters very little to me.


That's because they possibly shoot different things. What you're seeing above are daily life/street shooting; something even DSLR photographers regularly engage in. Maybe you simply haven't bothered to look at what some of the "DSLR dinosaurs" have produced. they are signifigantly better than these not to mention technically better as well.

for example, I have yet to see a mobile photographer who does better street portraits as mr Santos from Singapore. Not even by a long shot.

go look at it then tell me he's a dinosaur.

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Under The Sun

Tone down idiotic stereotyping. It seems you wish to sound intelligent but does nothing but exhibits your ignorance.


I just assumed that these had been taken with an iphone. Mea culpa.


Fabulous. Thanks for giving the "gotta have a d800 /Leica M9 / cannon 5Dm III with $50,000 dollars worth of glass in an infantry-sized backpack to take engaging photos these days..." crowd here on Dp something to consider.

Nishi Drew

I think the quality of such "overpriced glass" shows it's worth with all the edge softness and vignetting this little camera is showing :P

Also, I don't see any photo placed here that supports his argument of how a small lightweight "stealthy" camera has been a game changer, distant shot of a back of a woman, rusty cars... buildings....


weak troll.. your composition suffers from: too over the top gear list.. and poor framing... next time, try framing it so you adhere to the rule of thirds.

it takes a special type of fool to complain about another persons tools.. thanks for identifying yourself

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Total comments: 10
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