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iPhone rumors heat up

Will the iPhone 5S come in a gold or champagne-colored version? (via Gizmodo)

As the rumors about a new iPhone take up more and more bandwidth, the September 10 announce date still seems on target. There's still no confirmation and no sighting of an official invitation, although if/when the date is confirmed, we're sure to hear about it. 

It's likely that the announcement will be an iPhone 5S and, possibly, a less expensive and probably stripped down version of the iPhone.

The most recent hot topic is that Apple may release a "gold" version of the iPhone or, maybe even a champagne color. We haven't seen any white iPhones among the most recent "leaked" photos. Perhaps, as shown in the image above, we'll have to choose from black, gold/champagne or silver.

Will there be an inexpensive, colorful plastic-cased iPhone 5C model? (via Gigaom)

If a stepped-down iPhone is launched, budget-minded consumers may have a broader choice of colors,. On the other hand, Techcrunch suggests that the less expensive phone might not be for the U.S. market. 

Could the photo on the left be the new iPhone 5S camera, comparing it to the iPhone 5 camera? (via BGR)
An alleged screenshot of the iPhone 5S camera. (via CNET)

So far, it looks like the iPhone 5S may be equipped with a 12-megapixel sensor and offer one (possibly two) separate LED flash units.

Gizmodo gives a brief analysis of what may be the back panel and inner workings of a new iPhone. (via Gizmodo/MacRumors)

With alleged leaked photos of pieces and parts, Apple fan sites and tech pundits are taking a shot at the potential features and functionality of what may be coming our way on September 10. Is there any hard news? Not really, but it will be interesting to see which rumors are on target when the new iPhone is unveiled.  


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Yawn more comments from fandroids.


I really don't like that an iphone snob calls people who us androids and don't like the iphone "fandroids"
How about less snobbery? personally I would love an iphone but I do not think the price tag is justified, but if there will be a cheaper version and basicly a iphone 4s with a new look as a cheaper model I might purchase it, until they are affordable I stay with android.


they su you know what . small and fragile

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Just another Canon shooter

No "lost" and found new iphone yet?


That is what I think jcm. These cameras are not good. And the i phones cost hundreds of bucks !!!! As camera devices these phones suck in low light at least. No zoom. ...;

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Yawn...still the same phone with mediocre camera with bumped up MP for more smeary result. And some so-so (10 years ago) features added.


Actually I like the idea with the fingerprint reader!


CIA, FBI and NSA like the fingerprint reader too.

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Total comments: 8
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