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Lion attempts to snack on GoPro camera

The lion, after deciding that she preferred the taste of full-frame video cameras, thought that the GoPro might still be fun to play with on weekends.

GoPros sure do manage to get themselves into crazy situations. Photographers have flung the tiny, wide-angle video cameras from space, stuck them in bouquets and most recently, drove them around a lion habitat. 

Photographer Chris Bray sent his GoPro on safari by strapping it to a remote control car and caught some crazy footage of a lioness picking up the camera and trying to eat it. Like most cats, when the lion learned that the GoPro wasn't food, it just wanted to play. After batting the camera around for a bit, the lion lost interest and presumably left to go nap in the laundry hamper.


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miles green

Excellent, and very cool. Some needs to strap a gopro on a RC chopper! :)


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Francis Carver

@ jonelebart: Go, sell whatever you are selling here someplace else. Thanks.


What a cool way to do a dental examination on a lion. lol


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