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GIF photo booths could be next party trend

The PHHHOTO animated photo booth system includes a florescent ringlight and an iPad that captures GIFs. Images from HYPERHYPER.
Watch PHHHOTO in action at

If only your photo booth images could move.

Turns out this innovation is already available with the PHHHOTO animated photo booth from the creative technology company HYPERHYPER.

The system lights subjects with a florescent ringlight and captures animated GIF files with the front-facing camera of an iPad running specialized software. The GIFs are shared via a configurable PHHHOTO stream, which can be viewed online, on screen or projected onto a wall at the event. It's a new twist on the photo booth trend currently popular at parties and events.

The animated photo booth set up is currently available through HYPERHYPER, but if the iPad software is made available in the App Store, you could easily recreate it yourself. 

As Pop Photo pointed out, the low quality of an iPad's Facetime camera means for a rather grainy GIF capture, but perhaps the software running on the iPad could eventually be used to control another better quality camera. 



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About as useful as a digital camera in a hammer. But it was never meant to be useful. Strictly for sale to people with surplus money.


Click their page its a throw back to the 90's most annoying web page ever.


now days piece of a cardboard can be presented (and sold) as unique artpiece
anything related to iPhone\iPad surely would sell

Erin Lodi

I think this is less about art and more about a fun twist on a very popular party trend at the moment: the photo booth. GIF files seem to have suddenly become cool again too -- it's always interesting to watch these trends.


Sic transit gloria mundi...


Huh a 2 decades old technology captured in a tablet with mediocre camera = Creative?

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