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Samsung shows off Galaxy S4 camera features with videos


Following the launch of its latest smartphone, the Galaxy S4, Samsung is offering a closer look at some of the device's new features via one of its YouTube channels. 

We mentioned both the Dual Camera and Sound & Shot features in our recent hands-on with the Galaxy S4. Dual Camera allows you to capture either video or still images simultaneously. As one camera shoots the primary image, the other camera is also capturing an image that can be inserted into the primary image in a smaller window. Sound & Shot allows you to automatically record sound for nine seconds while you take a shot. In manual mode, you can pair a longer recording with an image, though the sound is captured after the image is snapped. 

This clip shows how the Dual Camera feature works: 

This clip demonstrates Sound & Shot: 

You can watch videos of more of the new Galaxy S4 features on the Samsung Tomorrow TV YouTube channel.


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I am neither a Samsung nor Apple fan boy. I don't really see either of the feature any special.

The dual camera photo can be easily done with an App.

The voice memo with photo is dead simple and definitely not original. I have a camera that is 10 years old that does just that. The pain is archiving the photo because the sound is stored in a separate file. Eventually it gets boring.

Lars Rehm

I'll have to correct on both accounts: The dual-camera thing is not possible with an app because front- and rear cameras use the same imaging pipeline but cannot usually use it both at once. So it's impossible to capture an image with both cameras at the same time which is exactly what the features on the S4 do. The only other phone capable of that at the moment is the LG Optimus G Pro.

The Sound & Shot feature creates an integrated file that can only be played back on the phone which admittedly reduces its usefulness. It's not necessarily meant as a sound-note, more of multimedia experience, the sound is recorded at the same time as the image is captured, not as a separate file afterwards,


Okay I saw the blog about Dblcam and assumed it is available for Android as well. But this is really not difficult to do but require Google to work it into their OS and reference design.

The Sound & Shot feature also can be done with typical app and it is really not all that fun. If I want sound, I might as well shoot a video.

Non-standard file format will kill the feature very quickly. If Samsung can embed it into JPEG and standardize it it would have some use. Like voice greeting card, etc.

Lars Rehm

Double cam doesn't actually take the picture at the same time, there is a brief delay between the two captures. On the S4 you get simultaneous live streams from the two cameras which makes the in-picture framing possible...also works in video and for video-chatting.

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Total comments: 4
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