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Instagram updated for iOS 7


Instagram just updated its app for iOS 7 with larger, higher resolution photos and videos. The UI has been simplified and more screen space is dedicated to images, particularly in grid view. Profile pictures are now circular, which is kind of a yawn but otherwise the refresh is, well, visually refreshing. 

Version 4.2 is available for download now and requires a minimum of iOS 6.

Images and video are larger and extend to the edges of the screen.
Taking a cue from Facebook's smartphone notifications, profile pics are now circular.


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I like Instagram. It's currently the only social network I use, but it struggles with my DSLR files and crashes constantly when I try to work with them.

I sometimes shoot in Jpeg from my DSLR and the files transfer wirelessly to my phone (Eye-Fi card). Then I can crop them for instagram, but instagram gets hung up, due to the size or resolution of the jpegs. Then it crashes.


I take back my last comment. I sized an image to 640x640, copied it to my iPhone, and then sent it on to Instagram, and it's displaying as a 640 x 640 image on Instagram.

I wish Instagram had just explained that in their release announcement. Maybe they think the vast majority of their users are too stupid to care about that nerdy stuff.


As far as I can tell, same 612 x 612 resolution photos, but now they are being upsized to 640 pixels, resulting in blurry unsharp photos.

What am I missing?

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Total comments: 3
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