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BlackBerry for sale?

We gave the BlackBerry Z10 a 6.9 overall rating in our review earlier this year.

It's been a rough year for BlackBerry. After a series of setbacks, its Z10 smartphone running the BlackBerry 10 operating system was released to dismal sales and a shrinking market share

The newly rebranded BlackBerry (formally known as RIM) is hoping to save itself by "exploring strategic alternatives," according to a press statement released today. While nothing is confirmed, BlackBerry has announced that it is open to joint ventures, partnerships or even selling the company.

In the official press statement, BlackBerry made sure to emphasize that it will still be moving forward with the distribution of its BlackBerry 10 smartphones. BlackBerry also clarified that this exploration process will not necessarily end in any transaction. 

Meanwhile, tech pundits and anonymous commenters alike are speculating about BlackBerry's future. Experts have been digging BlackBerry's grave since before the launch of the Z10, but were more hopeful after its flagship phone hit shelves earlier this year.

After today's announcement, its seems that folks are back to BlackBerry bashing, but the stock market is having a different reaction. BlackBerry's stock rose 5.7% after the announcement.


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By bikinchris (Aug 18, 2013)

I guess the market is too small for the only secure phone on the market.

By thorn- (Aug 14, 2013)

Oh, let this company die already. Or don't. Either way, who really cares? BB fans will keep buying dated products, and loving them... others have moved on.

Someone out there is no doubt still using an Amiga, or BeOS, but it doesn't merit a headline every month.

By FRANCISCO ARAGAO (Aug 14, 2013)

that is no good
to the customer the more options the best.

By PAUL TILL (Aug 13, 2013)

How long before Apple follow them?

By Impulses (Aug 13, 2013)

Never. Apple could screw up royally (and they very well might without Jobs) and they'd still hold on to a niche of hardcore Apple fans that would carry them thru even if they're only holding on to a 5% market share (see: the Mac)... Plus their business model scales well enough that they could (and have) survived that.

Windows Phone will probably be Android's biggest competition in the long run, given the line it straddles between different philosophies. You'll probably see a lot more people cross shopping between WP & Android or between iOS and WP as opposed to iOS & Android.

Total comments: 5
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