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Triggertrap shows off new Redsnap modular camera triggering system

Triggertrap's new Redsnap modular camera triggering system is designed for high-speed photography.

Triggertrap, makers of several camera triggering tools, have a new solution for trigger-happy photographers. Redsnap is a modular triggering system that starts with the Redsnap base block to which you can add sensor blocks, each designed for a different kind of photography. Its creators are currently gathering support via a Kickstarter campaign and hope to begin delivery by May of 2014.

The Redsnap base block performs several camera trigger functions ...
... which can be further expanded with add-on sensor blocks.

The Redsnap base block has three outputs to hook up three cameras, three flashes, or a combination of both. It also works with the Triggertrap Mobile iOS and Android apps, which offer 14 additional triggering functions. The Redsnap base block will perform several camera triggering functions: 

  • Timelapses: two AA batteries can power a month-long timelapse
  • TimeWarp: timelapses with acceleration
  • Long exposure HDR with the choice of intervals from 1/3 to 2 EV steps, and up to 19 bracketed exposures per HDR set
  • Star trail mode captures a series of long exposure shots for low-noise star trail, meteor or fireworks photos

The Redsnap system will initially offer four different sensor blocks that can be used with the base block, here's how Triggertrap describes each: 

  • High-speed laser sensor: With a reaction time of less than 60 microseconds, a typical bullet only has the time to fly 24 millimeters before your flash captures the bullet in flight – think about that!
  • High-speed sound sensor: The sound sensor allows you to capture popping balloons, things smashing, and all manner of other cool destructive projects. Let your imagination be the limit!
  • High-speed light sensor: Forget missing the photo of the great lightning strike, the high-speed light sensor stays on the lookout for you. 
  • Passive Infrared Sensor: Think "burglar alarm"; the Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor doesn’t use a beam (hence the "passive" thing), so it’s completely invisible — perfect for capturing sneaky photos whenever the sensor detects movement.

The Redsnap system will allow for simultaneous use of multiple sensor blocks; for example, you could set up a camera to be triggered by both sound and light.

Learn more about Redsnap and see more examples of the system in action on Kickstarter.


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Or get a camera axe, does all this now and its open source so you can make it do anything you want.


Would happily back it if they would put some features of their mobile app v1 back into v2 so it could be used in the meantime.

Total comments: 3
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