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Steadicam for iPhone and GoPro helps shaky videographers

A Steadicam rep demostrates the Smoothee with an iPod Touch at the 2013 CES.

 iPhone tripods are becoming common place as accessories like Joby’s Gorillapod make using slow shutter apps a breeze. For those who are choosing to use the iPhone’s 1080p video camera to shoot, moving the shot can cause some problems. The iPhone’s lack of image stabilization combined with its small size makes it tough to keep your shots straight. Likewise, GoPro users who want to shoot more conventionally than the “extreme” camera advertises will run into problems as they navigate a scene.

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, Tiffen offered a solution for mobile videographers with its Steadicam Smoothee rig for iPhone, GoPro, and iPod Touch. The device mounts are calibrated to maintain the perfect center of balance for any iPhone or GoPro so your shot never gets crooked.

At first look, the Smoothee is small and relatively light but provides a comforting weight as well as a something to hold on to besides the edges of your tiny video camera.

At $150, the Smoothee is not suitable for most hobbyist film producers, but it might be worth looking into if you want to improve your iPhone videography.


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I suspect they are making these accessories because there are mega-giganto-crappalotta loads of cash dancing in their heads. Steadicam asks themselves, "How many people own steadicams?" "All the steadicam operators own them. There are 500,000 steadicam operators and they each own one." "Crap, I guess we need to wait until more kids graduate film school.... hey wait... how many iPhones sold last quarter?"
"23 million."


Combine this with the olloclip and you could have a surprisingly capable film rig that fits in a backpack. Interesting ...

Then again, for backpack size, having decent lenses and a steadicam mount for an iPad mini might be attractive.


Does it fit also in your pocket? These manufacturer are wasting time and money investing on accessories for a lousy product that is not even intended for photography or videography.

Total comments: 3
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