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Nokia teases 'BIG' announcement tomorrow

The official "Conversations by Nokia" blog posted this cryptic article this morning.

What would a product announcement be without a bit of anticipation? Nokia's official blog published a post this morning teasing something "BIG" tomorrow. What could this big announcement entail?

Most tech bloggers are betting that tomorrow will bring a tablet or phablet based on the teaser's emphasizing of the word "big." Others wonder if it could be a new Asha phone or the release of Nokia's new "Amber" operating system update for its Windows Phone 8-running Lumia devices.

One thing is certain: If Nokia announces anything camera-related tomorrow, we will be here to report it.


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Nokia Galaxy S4 with a Zeiss lens on Leica camera made in China.


No update yet? I guess they must have meant 9.00 AM MSFT time instead?
My guess it is just going to be a windows tablet. Nothing like the good old NIT (Nokia Internet Tablet) that made you feel like carrying the power of a desktop office PC in your pocket.

I hope Nokia would bundle their camera knowledge to enter and take over the true P&S market with excellent camera's that call and surf.
Sharp camera core tech updates could be announced only spring 2014.


It is the Lumia 625. Big screen, low res, no keyboard , no camera worth mentionning.
Back to sleep..

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By (unknown member) (Jul 22, 2013)

That they are closing down?


I bet in a 5" phablet equipped with Lumia 920/925 camera - a pretty decent camera for a phablet.

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