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iPhone photography for real tweeters


Kickstarter project Bird Photo Booth is gaining some traction. By putting your iPhone in a birdhouse-shaped box and opening a remote-control photography app like Wireless Camera, you can capture your backyard buddies as they come in for dinner.

By placing the birdseed right in front of the camera, the Bird Photo Booth catches the quick creatures in a calm moment.
This photo was taken with an iPhone 4S inside the Bird Photo Booth.

The Bird Photo Booth can be either hung from a wall or attached to a tripod and has a mount inside it for an iPhone, iPod Touch or GoPro camera. On the booth’s sliding aluminum door, an interchangeable macro lens helps the iPhone focus on the subject just inches away. Outside the booth, a perch holds a bowl of birdseed to attract the birds in your backyard. The Bird Photo Booth also has a post to hang a nectar feeder for hummingbirds.

Users of the Bird Photo Booth can snap photos from a distance using their Bluetooth or WiFi-connected devices without scaring away their subjects. For the more talkative bird watcher, Bird Photo Booth also advertises the ability to Facetime with the birds by using WiFi and an additional iOS device.

You can pre-order your Bird Photo Booth from Kickstarter for $149. There is no set shipping date yet and the project's not yet reached its Kickstarter goal, so any purchase comes with some risk. 


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Nothing could illustrate better what the demographics target are for cellphone photography than this product and the accompanying video. Wait until all BFFs see this. OMG!
Just perfect.


@jc - I dont really have anything against the Bird Photo Booth. It sounds like fun. Want one already :) I am only amazed by the bad movie. It more or less proves that its very hard to take good photos with it. It has a sync problem. You miss the birds best pose each time.

If that is so that the Photo Booth is impossible to use to get good photos. Then its no fun any more, and I certainly dont want one.

So - why show this lousy film?


Funny they even compared this to a DSLR setup that is a couple of thousand bucks when I could buy a decent superzoom at 300 bucks and produce far better results than this setup and just use my phone at it is and don't waste my time and money for lousy apps and accessories for my smartphone just to make it shoot like a real camera.

Bottom line, buy a phone and use it as a phone. If you are into photography, buy a real and decent camera.


Now I shall whine again! It was the worst bird photographer I have seen. You have a pretty bird in the "finder", and the guy succeeds in taking lots of bad photos. Not a good one! He just gets faulty sync each time. He pushes the button just to late. Cant the app have some pretty bird detector? Just as some cameras have smile detectors. Or cant he just take photos continuously. They cannot be worse then this.

Total comments: 4
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