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Is photography dead? Infographic explores the question


We just had to share this infographic we noticed on Design You Trust from Overgram. Take a visual look at major milestones in the history of photography, from the first permanent photograph to the advent of mobile photography.



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Photography is not dead, of course - just more seen daily via phone, TV, internet, cinema, DVD, magazines, etc, etc.

I took about 2000 photos on film the year before going digital, but then about 300 a DAY after digital - I love the idea I could take 30 pictures of some scene, and go on to perfect and find the best angle, etc., and richest colour, and so forth. Cameras and phones are getting better all the time, and features and image quality is getting way over the best the person in the street could dream about before digital. I love the fact you can see the right colours, which with film was usually an accident.
Also, if the colour is not quite right, you can change it on computer, and the cost of film has gone. Camera cards are great - lots of photos, and then reuse them. I saved about £4000 on film costs in the past 4 years, and view on a big monitor - it is better quality than anything but a giant paper photo - so it should never die! - hooray.


Everything died when Commodore went bust.

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A few interesting stats, but otherwise looks like a big waste of someone's time.


Is Photography dead...?

Of course not, really... it is more alive than ever with the difusion of digital systems.

Phone cameras are not so good cameras, they are only "tools", to solve or surpass "emergencies".

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Photography is dead? What an absurd question.
Photography will die when the last member of the human race dies.
We are all photographers, we take pictures with our eyes first. The camera and whatever medium is simply a convenient way to capture an instant of what we see.
That's why I stress the ability to 'see' when taking a photograph.
We 'see' the picture first with our eyes, and then commit it to the medium.
Photography is dead, bah! humbug!


Is photography dead?
Those cameras in devices and phones are not really cameras? They are not good cameras, but cameras they are.

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I don't understad what's the title of the infographic has to do with the infographic info? One of the main golas of modern technology is to be able to produce and distribute professional/ Industrial products to the masses.
You can ask "are computers dead?" or "are cars dead"? and so on...

Photography is certainly not dead it's simply one of the easiest forms of output from computers and electronics. Same goes to sound distribution and production (music, radio etc).
Next will be things that we can feel such as 3D printers and holographic imagery.


Photography is FAR from dead. BUT, the major camera makers are getting closer to dying year by year. The 2 bigs are to scared to loose there DSLR's sales. SOOOOO they dont put out anything that is really consider a try(put the V2's AF into the EOS-M and you have a winner).

Anyways, I personally think photography is bigger then ever. 750 million people have cameras. They are on there phones....but its a camera non the less.

Any ways.....Its the camera makers that are dead, unless they evolve.

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