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Top tablet news: 128GB iPad rumored, red-hot Galaxy Tab and Kindle domination

The Kindle Fire dominates the Android tablet market while Samsung releases a romantic red Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and rumors surface of a 128GB iPad.

The Apple rumor sites are buzzing today with news of a 128GB iPad. The latest tablet, 9to5 Mac claims, is going to be a fourth-generation iPad with retina display and will cost $799. The Mac news site got its information from the stock keeping unit (SKU) database of a “prominent U.S. retailer.”

The new iPad will double the storage limit of the tablet, which currently tops out at 64GB. 9to5 Mac is unsure that the new device will be commercially available, noting that Apple has previously released products that are specific to government agencies or internal uses.  

Many photographers use iPads to edit and send photos on the go because of the device’s ability to send files over cellular networks when wi-fi is not available. However, one of the device's biggest limitations for photographers is its lack of storage space. If a 128GB iPad becomes available, a new generation of tablet-driven mobile darkrooms could become available for both DSLR and smartphone photographers.

In other tablet news:

  • Samsung hopes its new red Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 will make the perfect gift for your Valentine. The tablet will have a 7-inch display, 1GHz, dual-core TI OMAP CPU, 8GB of internal storage and a MicroSD card slot for up to 32GB of extra storage. The devices will run Android 4.1 and will be available this week from U.S. retailers for $220.


  • A report today from app analytics firm Localytics revealed that Amazon’s Kindle Fire is dominating the worldwide Android tablet market. Despite the device’s relatively limited worldwide distribution, the Kindle Fire makes up 59 percent of the Android tablets tallied by Localytics. The report revealed that 89 percent of Kindle Fires are used in the U.S. and speculated that because of the Kindle's popularity, developers should focus on creating apps for the Amazon App Store instead of the Google Play Store.


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It is not a rumor anymore you can get yours next Tuesday...


I am a reasonable fan of Apple and own both an iphone and an ipad - you pay a premium for their product but they have been at the forefront of mobile innovation.

However the 128GB @ US$799 offer is hardly innovative progress - it is simply charging a US$300 premium for 112GB of internal memory. The reality is that if Apple put SD ports into their ipads we could buy an additional 128GB SD card for extra memory for as little as US$120.

Just as importantly we could transfer data direct to the SD card rather than using the convoluted itunes process.

In reality internal ipad memory will be nothing like as expensive as SD card memory so Apple is charging US$300 for US$40 of internal memory or so.


white color one is elegant, ideal choice for Vanlentine's day, :)

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No more iPads for me until they allow adobe flash. Nexus looks very good.

Lars Rehm

I think you'll have to wait a long time for that. The latest version of Android has also dropped flash support, so it looks as if flash is out of the race in the mobile space.

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Total comments: 5
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