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Eye-Fi's Mobi card will transfer directly to desktop


Eye-Fi is beta testing a new desktop receiver for Windows that will allow for direct transfer from the Eye-Fi Mobi card to the desktop.

Launched earlier this year, the Eye-Fi Mobi card uses Wi-Fi to wirelessly send images to your mobile device via an iOS, Android or Kindle app — and now straight to your desktop.

While pricing for the final version of the desktop receiver has not yet been announced, the beta version is free to download now.

Eye-Fi promises a beta version for Mac is coming soon.

See our hands-on with the Eye-Fi Mobi card to learn how it performs from a photographer's perspective.


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Chuck MC
By Chuck MC (9 months ago)

I love the Eye-fi 16g pro x2 card. It eliminates the USB cable when operating tethered Can't tell you how many time people have tripped over the cable. It's true that transferring RAW photos takes a little time but my Sony A77 and MacBook Pro handles it very well.

The only negative thing I would say is the they need to make it clearer on the packaging the the Mobi card only works with mobile devices. Like everyone else I hate reading instructions

By steve_hoge (9 months ago)

I'm pretty lukewarm about a gadget that basically aims to replace a USB cable or card reader (though being able to do xfers without opening an U/W case might be a compelling use scenario.)

When's Eye-Fi going to come up with an $150 SD card that includes a GPS receiver that will geotag my photos in-camera? (I don't really consider their WiFi-triangulation kludge as a viable solution to this problem.)

By stephen1 (9 months ago)

Please give me an Eye-Fi that works with Windows Phone. It's about time we have one.

Please give me an Eye-Fi that works with Windows Phone. It's about time we have one.

Please give me an Eye-Fi that works with Windows Phone. It's about time we have one.

Please give me an Eye-Fi that works with Windows Phone. It's about time we have one.

By kenyee (9 months ago)

What would be even more innovative is to work w/ camera manufacturers to do what Flucard did w/ Pentax...full aperture/shutter/focus point control as part of the eye-fi :-P

Osvaldo Cristo
By Osvaldo Cristo (9 months ago)

I never used such card but since I saw their advertising years ago I had understood that functionality was standard!

Anyway I have no interest on that Mega slow gimmick.

By HarrieD7000 (9 months ago)

All the "new" things Eye-Fi is introducing recently, are in my "old" Transcend 16 GB WiFi card. Class 10, and costing half as much. I even can send over RAW with that card. What is the fuss about this card. Just a nice gadget when you want to travel light. But not for serious and quick work.

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By ProfHankD (9 months ago)

Wow! You mean, at an extra cost, this new version can do the same thing I was doing for free with their old version and a python script three years ago ;-)

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Michael Ma
By Michael Ma (9 months ago)

My Panasonic GH3 has this feature built in to the camera. It is just painfully slow. It takes 7 minutes for every 16 meg file. My guess is there are tiny squirrels making a call to eachother on each end, talking 1's and 0's.

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By sasegars (9 months ago)


By joe6pack (9 months ago)

Pricing for the desktop receiver? They really think they can charge for this?

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By RStyga (9 months ago)

RAW, RAW, RAW support??? WHY does one need to buy the "special" 'pro' version to do that? Marketing, marketing, marketing...

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By citrontokyo (9 months ago)

The Toshiba Flashair does this very well. I've been using it with my mobile and my desktop. All you need to do is turn on your camera, turn on your wifi and punch "flashair" into your browser.

By m87501 (9 months ago)

The 8 gig Flashair I just got only transfers 1 photo at a time from the browser; if you figured out how to do all photos at the same time, please share the info?

By quailoaksphoto (9 months ago)

This product is half baked. They need to develop metro app so it can be used on windows 8.x PC or RT and then download it from the Store. Until then this has limited photo quality uploads for mobil sharing with iFan products, not serious editing, and the new wifi cameras don't need this product to do that. Frankly if I were to limit myself to my iPad I would simply use iPads built in camera and skip this product all together.

By antares103 (9 months ago)

So, they are taking the EyeFi x2, simplifying it and making the mobi. Then, they are developing a device (i presume, to purchase) that will then give you functionality of the x2.

sounds legit.

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By PVCdroid (9 months ago)

The 16gb X2 card does this already. A handy feature for using on the road with a phone or tablet. You come home to your pics already loaded to LIghtroom.

By Paul1974 (9 months ago)

With my Sandisk Eye-Fi card that I bought several years ago, I was allready able to do this. So it is nothing new? Maybe Dpreview editors never tried using these cards? Most photographers are conservative and are not interested in new things. Or is it marketing talk (new features sell)?

By felicity (9 months ago)

Well, ha ha. This is what I thought the original card did when I purchased it. Silly me. The why? It saves steps. Currently, for me, the files would have to go camera->iOS device->photo stream->mac. I don't bother; gave the card to my son (who loves it). My new camera is wireless so I won't have to bother with this version (and it is Windows only for now).

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By dpmaxwell (9 months ago)

Your Mac doesn't have an SD card slot? Seems like taking the card out of the camera and inserting it in the PC/Mac SD reader would be much simpler and quicker than any kind of wifi transfer.

Oh well, to each his/her own.

By dpmaxwell (9 months ago)


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