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App News: Analog Camera comes to iOS, Instagram's Photos of Me goes live, Google asks Windows Phone 8 to remove YouTube app

Other people can now see tagged photos of you on Instagram.

Instagram's Photos of You goes live

Announced two weeks ago, Instagram's new Facebook-like tagging is now fully functional. This means that unless you change your privacy settings, tagged photos of you will now be visible in a new tab on your profile. Check out the full details on Instagram's blog.


Analog Camera coming soon to iOS

Fans of Real Mac Software's desktop photo editor Analog will soon be able to download Analog Color for iOS. The photo editing app for Mac is available in the App Store for $9.99. Analog Camera for iOS will cost $0.99 when it is available. Check out the full details at Life in Lofi.

Itsdagram brings the Instagram experience to Windows Phone 8.

Unofficial Instagram app released for Windows Phone 8 

While Instagram is busy avoiding Windows Phone 8's constant #2instawithlove flirting, a third party app has stepped up to provide the Instagram experience on Windows Phone 8. Called Itsdagram, the free app allows users to register for an Instagram name, post photos, comment, like, follow, and even find Facebook friends. Check out the app's details in the Windows Phone 8 Store.

Google wants the Windows Phone 8 YouTube app to either include ads or be removed.

Google asks Microsoft to remove YouTube app

Windows Phone 8 was thrilled to announce an official YouTube app last week. The excitement quickly turned to panic as Google demanded the removal of the new app from the Windows Store, citing a lack of ads. Google claimed that the YouTube app for Windows Phone 8 undermines the content creator's ability to collect revenue (and, lets be real, Google collects cash from the YouTube ads, too.) Microsoft has since responded to Google, saying it is "more than happy" to include ads. For all the juicy details and bland legal jargon, go to The Verge.


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Microsoft is, indeed a bullying gorilla ( Apple, like Adobe, like...)

How could they ever come up with that described blatant violation of YouTube's Terms of Service and their API Terms of Service in such naive, cretin way?

Isn't there a single soul inside MS that participates in those endless, endless meetings that can't go "We can't do this" without running the risk of being immediately labeled a "non-team player" and getting a ticket for unemployment?

I tell you guys, this wonderful new IT world is sadly, recurrently and increasingly proving to be the dirtiest, non-ethical business activity EVER.

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yep, people dont care no more. Then want to get in, make money and run.

Thomas The Geek

Microsoft has never played by the rules when it comes to the competition and never will. Unfortunately, few seem to care anymore, except of course the competition. And I guarantee you, no one is being fired, it's all part of their game.

Total comments: 3
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