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500px app pulled from App Store

500px for iPhone saw a major upgrade to its iOS app in November.
But you won't find the app in Apple's U.S. App Store today.

The image sharing service 500px is reporting that Apple has pulled its mobile application from the U.S. App Store.

500px COO Evgeny Tchebotarev told TechCrunch that both the 500px for iOS and ISO500 for 500px were pulled from the Apple App Store over concerns about nude imagery available through the apps. The latter app appeared to be working at the time of this post, but the 500px app couldn't be found.

500px COO Evgeny Tchebotarev confirmed that users could turn off "safe search" on the platform by making a change via the desktop version of 500px, which effectively would allow users to search for photos with nudity on the app. However, the default "safe search" mode does hide these types of images, and Tchebotarev says the nude photos shared on the site are artistic in nature. Pornography is not allowed. 

500px is currently working on an update to its apps that will make nude images easier to identify and tag, and therefore more them more difficult to discover, but until then, the 500px app will apparently remain missing from the App Store.


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500px start to be boring a long time a go... almost always the same theme are top photos to join the dubious voting system, totally partial, photographs have highlighted the most popular while other excellent works or have a no comment or vote, and so continue. Oh and almost all images posted are overly super-post-processed, many of which led to exaggeration, being only fast food for the eyes. And do not even want to talk about the Editor choices, some are authentic jokes. Is biased in your code, and tends to exalt always the same thing. Begins to lose no big deal..., imo.

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apple, you're so !"§$% sick.


Just try to pry my cold dead hands off of that shiny new gun app...!


I think it's stupid, too, but it's sort of understandable under the current rules set. It has to do with the advertised rating. Web browsers usually _do_ have to advertise as 17+ because of their potential to load arbitrary content from the web. And (over, IMO) concerned parents can restrict arbitrary web browsing via Safari. If this was advertised as not containing nudity, someone might download it on their browsing locked-down kid's device without realizing there is a back door.

Now, I think it's silly to think you can "protect" people in this way and if you're concerned about limiting what your kids see, you need to be more activist than just reading a rating on an app. I certainly am frustrated when adults get caught in the crossfire. But if the app is rated to say "no nudity" yet can display nudity, I can understand a shop with a ratings system pulling it until the rating is changed or the content displayed is.


The option to safe search should be enough for Apple. This is a ridiculous move from Apple. But hey, they also put an 18+ rating on some dictionary apps because of some words they don't like kids to see. Go figure.


Well, why don't Apple pull the Safari app off the iOS devices then, since you can search for all kind of naked things?
And Instagram of course too.


You have got to be kidding, right? This 500px post is a joke. Please tell me it's a sick joke. Please tell me that you don't believe a quick glance at a half naked woman will hurt your eyes and make the universe collapse.


Been known to cause people to walk into lamp posts, step off curbs, and mistake the accelerator for the brake.


This is so stupid. I love my iPhone but sometimes I hate Apple for treating us like immature 13 year olds.


Thank goodness. Nothing worse than a naked body! Now excuse me whilst I go shoot people in a mall, run over pedestrians, and hire prostitutes in GTA III on my iPad.


Since the app has always has problems much like the rest of 500px (hello non-crashtacular LR4 plugin?) I'm not sure this is much of a loss.

Total comments: 11
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