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2012 Holiday Mobile Photography Gift Guide


The holidays are almost upon us, and that means it's time to run out and buy lots of presents. We've saved you some of the headache with this holiday gift guide for the mobile photography enthusiasts you love.

Toddy Smart Cloth, $9.99/£6.22

The Toddy Smart Cloth is a versatile microfiber cleaning cloth with style.

As your arsenal of mobile devices increases, so do the smudges they bear. The Toddy Smart Cloth is a 100% premium microfiber cleaning cloth designed for smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, and even eyeglasses or camera lenses. Heck, if it's got a screen, the Toddy Smart Cloth can clean it.

One of the benefits of the Toddy Smart Cloth is that it's dual-sided. The plush underside cleans while the silky top layer polishes. An antimicrobial coating on the cloth battles mold and mildew buildup, and there's no need to use liquids or sprays during cleaning -- the Toddy Smart Cloth does all the work.

It comes in a plethora of photography-forward designs, including camera lens art, film strips and even an 1800s field view camera print. The Toddy Smart Cloth comes in a 5 x 7-inch rectangle size or 9 x 9-inch square size and is machine washable.

Key Features/Specifications

  • Eliminates dirt, dust and smudges from smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, and even eyeglasses or camera lenses
  • Microfiber material promises scratch-free cleaning
  • Dual-sided: Plush side to clean and silky side to polish screens
  • No need for liquids or sprays that can harm your screen
  • Antimicrobial coating, preventing mold and mildew
  • Machine washable, cold, no softener, tumble dry low

What we like: It's a premium microfiber smudge buster.

What we don't like: We'd like to see a Dpreview design ... 

Isotoner smarTouch Gloves, around $25/£15

The Isotoner smarTouch gloves combine warmth with capacitive touchscreen swipeability.

Mobile photography is a blast when the weather is warm, but what happens when Old Man Winter freezes everything over? Most traditional gloves enable enough dextertity for operating a DSLR, but touch screens are out of the question. Fortunately, Isotoner has created smarTouch gloves to solve the conundrum.

Isotoner smarTouch gloves feature fingertips and thumbs that are embroidered with a conductive thread, which conveys electrical impulses to capacitive touchscreens. That means the smarTouch gloves are fully capable of swiping, pinching and zooming, and tapping just like a bare hand. Not only are the gloves ideal for smartphones, but they also work on ATM screens and MP3 players for added versatility.

Isotoner offers men's and women's smarTouch gloves in a variety of materials, as well as colors and styles; the smarTouch 2.0 models have conductivity embroidery on additional fingers. 

Key Features/Specifications

  • Conductive embroidery enables cold weather mobile photography
  • Many styles and colors to choose from for men and women
  • Non-slip palm
  • Will work on any capacitive touchscreen, including ATMs, smartphones, tablets and MP3 players

What we like: Year-round mobile photography!

What we don't like: How about a heated model?

Gorillapod GripTight Tripod, $29.95/£18.66

The Gorillapod GripTight brings infinite mounting flexibility to smartphones.

One of the most peculiar looking and highly useful items on this list, the Gorillapod GripTight from Joby gives your smartphone seemingly unlimited options for shooting angles. The unique tripod features legs that are constructed from polycarbonate-ABS plastic balls and joints lined with TPE rubber grip pads to eliminate slipping. The tripod can be extended and set on the ground for traditional use, or it can be configured to wrap around objects like branches and fences.

The Joby Gorillapod GripTight measures 3.4 x 1.2 x 6.8 inches (86 x 30 x 173mm), so it's highly compact and extremely lightweight at 2.4 ounces (67 grams). In the past, Joby offered the Gorillapod Mobile, which only suited iPhones, but the Gorillapod GripTight hosts all sorts of smartphones including the Samsung Galaxy S III, Droid RAZR and HTC EVO.

The added versatility comes from the GripTight head, which is has internal steel springs that expand and clamp the unit down snugly on the smartphone. Rubberized panels keep the phone in place while protecting the surface of the phone. Thanks to this universal design, phones with cases can be supported and the GripTight head can be mounted to a standard telescoping leg tripod or any other Gorillapod via the 1/4 20-inch screw.

Key Features/Specifications

  • Flexible joints allow Gorillapod to wrap around fences, tree branches, etc.
  • GripTight head supports most major smartphones 2.1 - 2.8in. (54-72mm) wide
  • Rubberized ring and foot grips
  • A compact 3.4 x 1.2 x 6.8 inches (86 x 30 x 173mm)
  • A lightweight 2.4 ounces (67 grams)

What we like: Oodles of angles.

What we don't like: Not practical for shoots in the middle of nowhere, mounting smartphone vertically sacrifices height.

Photojojo Lenses, $50/£31.25

Photojojo offers a veritable selection of cases with interchangeable lenses.

There are droves of smartphone lenses on the market, but the Photojojo gang is one of the premiere fleets. Photojojo lenses are made of solid aluminum and outfitted with thick, high-clarity glass. They're also universal, thanks to an adhesive magnetic ring that encircles the lens of the smartphone. Lenses simply snap in place and are ready to shoot within seconds.

Photojojo lenses come in three different flavors, one of which is a 2-in-1. The fisheye lens is an ultra-wide angle glass that makes everything look like it was shot from within a marble. Images retain that rounded look popularized in skateboard videos from the early '90s. Then there's the 2X telephoto lens, which doubles your focal length -- a welcome boost for devices with notoriously negative zoom effects. Lastly, the 0.67X wide angle and macro combination lens is the most versatile. By screwing off the wide angle lens, the macro lens can be accessed for documenting the more meticulous details of life.

Of course, Photojojo offers all three lenses in a kit, which saves $15. In addition to augmenteing rear-mounted smartphone glass, the Photojojo lenses can also alter the perspectives of tablet lenses, including front-facing cameras. Having a video call with a fisheye lens could be a neat experience.

Key Features/Specifications

  • Made of solid aluminum and high-clarity glass
  • Adhesive mount fits nearly any smartphone or tablet
  • Fisheye, wide angle, telephoto and macro options
  • Comes with caps and keyring loops for storage

What we like: Four different focal lengths in your pocket.

What we don't like: Adhesive mounts must be mounted properly and are prone to wear, flash will be blocked while lenses are in use.

Tiffen Steadicam Smoothee for iPhone, $150/£93.45

The Tiffen Steadicam Smoothee is a rolling shutter slayer.

Smartphones are highly portable, but that means they're very difficult to stabilize compared to something like a 5D Mark III. This is particularly evident in videos, as most amateur smartphone footage is a jittery mess. The Tiffen Steadicam Smoothee aims to quell jitter and slay the effects of rolling shutter. Similar to many digital camera stabilizers, the Steadycam Smoothee features an orbital handle with tubular aluminum frame. Weights are located on the bottom of the frame and in the middle, the latter being adjustable.

On top of the Smoothee is an apparatus that’s similar to a tripod head, offering the ability to shift the unit from side to side and forward and backward via dials for minute adjustment and counterweight compensation. This is where the iPhone clamp attaches snugly in place. The entire design of the Steadicam Smoothee is solid and seamless. Unfortunatley, the Smoothee only accommodates iPhones, so hopefully there will be additional compatibility for other models in the future.

The Tiffen Steadicam Smoothee is designed to make iPhone videos smoother, and it succeeds. I ran a few tests shooting with and without the Steadicam Smoothee and the results were dramatic. That detestable "bounce" created by rolling shutter was gone, and videos appeared significantly less jittery. The Steadicam Smoothee also enabled me to capture better still images, since I was able to angle my iPhone precisely using the Smoothee’s orbital handle.

Key Features/Specifications

  • Solid, seamless design
  • Significantly reduces video jitter
  • Middle weight is adjustable
  • Top unit can be fine-tuned fowards or backwards
  • Orbital handle is smooth and accommodates bumps

What we like: A smartphone stabilizer with digital camera DNA.

What we don't like: iPhone exclusive, a bit expensive.

Owle HD Video Kit for iPhone 4, $440/£274

The Owle HD Video Kit for iPhone 4/4S in all its glory.

The Owle HD Video Kit for iPhone is the Rolls Royce of mobile video production cases, resembling something out of a James Bond movie. It's the most expensive (some will argue unnecessary) item on our list, but we couldn't leave it out because it's far too unique. If your gift recipient is in the market for an extravagant all-in-one video production rig for his or her iPhone 4/4S, read on.

A couple big things are happening with the Owle HD Video Kit. First off, the Owle branded Bubo iPhone 4/4S case is used to house the phone. The Bubo features a 37mm .45x wide-angle/macro combo lens, in addition to a miniature shotgun Vericorder microphone that plugs into the 3.5mm audio jack. The mount itself is constructed of solid aluminum and a silicone sleeve keeps the phone in place. Owle includes a lens cap for the 37mm glass, which can accept filters and attachments, courtesy of threads.

Atop the Bubo case sits the Rotolight RL48-B HD LED Ringlight, which slots right into the case's accessory shoe. The Rotolight comes with a set of color correction filters, as well as neutral density filters and a diffusion filter for softer skin tones. The kit comes with the Rotolight Belt Pouch, which enables the user to carry everything in one bag that attaches to a belt.

Key Features/Specifications

  • Comes with Rotolight RL48-B HD LED Ring light, Rotolight Stand and belt pouch
  • The OWLE Bubo has a custom 37mm wide angle/macro lens
  • Use any 37mm thread lens
  • High quality 180-degree adjustable Vericorder microphone
  • Solid aluminium stability mount
  • Cold shoe mount for lighting or accessories
  • Tripod mount threading on all four corners

What we like: High quality iPhone video production in a bag.

What we don't like: Only available for iPhone 4/4S, a bit pricey.

M.I.C Gadget All-in-one Card Reader for iPad, $33/£20.56

The M.I.C Gadget iPad reader provides MicroSD, CF, SD and USB ports.

iPads are becoming the computer of choice for photographers who are always out in the field because they're highly portable, and the new models feature the captivating Retina display. The main issue most photographers have is keeping all of their files in one place. The official iPad camera connection kit only has USB and SD card slots, which attach separately. The M.I.C Gadget All-in-one Card Reader for iPad aims to solve that conundrum.

The All-in-one Reader hosts MicroSD, CF, SD and USB connections, and offers an optional power input for increased longevity. Only one slot can be used at a time due to software limitations, but all ports are available in one single dongle. JPEG and RAW image files are supported, while H.264, MPEG-4 and Motion JPEG video files are supported.

While the All-in-one Reader is ideal for DSLR photographers out in the field, mobile photographers will benefit greatly from the MicroSD and USB inputs. Quick edits can be made in iPhoto and iMovie, then files can be promptly uploaded to Flickr or YouTube. This is an ideal tool for photojournalists, and great for on-location photographers who want to preview images to clients on the spot.

Key Features/Specifications

  • Comes with SD, CF, microSD card slots and a USB port
  • Supports 600X CF Cards and Class 10 / UHS-I SD Cards
  • Optional extra power input port to support all kinds of cards/external devices when the voltage given by the iPad is not enough
  • Supports iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3
  • Supports JPEG and RAW file formats
  • Supports H.264, MPEG-4 and Motion JPEG video formats

What we like: Photography-friendly connections all in one spot.

What we don't like: No love for the Lightning-enabled iPad Mini or iPad 4 ... yet.

Manfrotto Klyp, $120/£74.76

The Manfrotto Klyp is another innovative mobile video rig.

If the Owle HD Video Kit is too intimidating to your wallet, Manfrotto makes a more budget-friendly option. The Manfrotto Klyp is a polycarbonate iPhone 4/4S case that features modular functionality for attaching different Manfrotto LED lights and 1/4-inch mount Manfrotto tripods. The Klyp comes with the Manfrotto ML240 Mini-24 Continuous LED light, which runs on two AAA batteries and can be rotated forward or backwards to accommodate the front and rear cameras.

The two included snap-on adapters can support any compatible Manfrotto light or tripod, including the included miniature Pocket tripod, shown above. Manfrotto went with continuous LED light due to the iPhone's rolling shutter, which cannot be synched with strobes. The interior of the Klyp case is lined with felt inserts to protect the phone's exterior, and the case can be used independently of the light and tripod mount for everyday use.

Compared to the Owle HD Video kit, the Manfrotto Klyp is definitely not as powerful because it lacks lens and microphone enhancements and is made of plastic rather than solid aluminum. However, the Klyp will provide light and tripod options for iPhone users, and is a fraction of the price.

Key Features/Specifications

  • Modular system supports LED lights and tripods
  • Polycarbonate case with felt inserts
  • Features Manfrotto's 4-Point Rail System
  • Case can be used as a regular iPhone case
  • Compact and portable
  • Comes with Pocket tripod and ML240 Mini-24 Continuous LED light

What we like: Lots of light and stability.

What we don't like: A converter lens or two would have been nice.

Holga Filter Case, $30/£18.69

The Holga Filter Case combines nine different filters in one.

While individual lens attachments like those Photojojo lenses are nifty, there are a few drawbacks. First, each lens attachment must be individually mounted and removed. Secondly, those lenses rely on adhesive rings that could lose their bond strength over time. The Holga Filter Case solves those two problems, and adds the versatility of a phone case.

The Holga Filter Case is a plastic iPhone 4/4S case that features a rotary telephone-style filter selector. Just turn the dial and the camera's perspective is altered instantly. The Holga Filter Case offers nine different filters and includes an empty hole for taking native images without any effects.

There are Dual, Triple and Quadruple Image lenses for creating muliple panes of the same image, a 60mm Macro lens for capturing images as close as 60mm, and red, green and yellow filters. In addition, the Holga Filter Case has a yellow filter with clear center, blue filter with clear center and a red filter with a clear heart-shaped center. The Holga Filter Case is not a professional tool, but it's certainly a fun stocking stuffer.

Key Features/Specifications

  • Combines nine different filters in one case
  • No need to attach or reattach lenses
  • Case comes in different colors
  • Filters include color and lens effects

What we like: An arsenal of lens filters and effects without the hassle.

What we don't like: Not for advanced photographers.

Golla Gibb Tablet Pocket, $20.55/£12.80

The Golla Gibb Tablet Case protects your device in style.

Lugging around an unprotected expensive tablet will only add stress to a shoot day. The Golla Gibb Tablet Pocket is a stylish way to prevent screen scratches and nicks.

Made from a 100% cotton exterior and 100% polyester interior, the Golla Gibb is a plush receptacle for any tablet. It measures 215 x 280mm (8.5 x 11.0-inches), which is large enough to host most major tablets like iPads and Galaxy Tabs.

The Golla Gibb has a Velcro holding strap to prevent the tablet from slipping out, as well as a zippered outer pocket for cables and business cards. There's a hand strap on the back of the case, as well as a Velcro headphone flap to hold the wires in place.

Key Features/Specifications

  • 100% cotton outer, 100% polyester interior
  • 215 x 280mm (8.5 x 11.0-inches)
  • Zippered outer pocket
  • Black and grey

What we like: Carry your expensive tablet in style and prevent scratches.

What we don't like: Not much protection from a hard drop.

Restoration Hardware 100x Ultra Zoom Lens for iPhone, $31.49/£19.62

The Restoration Hardware 100x Zoom lens case is a microscope in your pocket.

There are a few macro lenses on the market for the iPhone, and most of them perform quite impressively. I've used the Olloclip macro lens and the magnified detail I was able to capture with an iPhone 4 was fantastic. But what if you took a standard Macro lens like that and gave it about 10 times the power?

The Restoration Hardware 100x Ultra Zoom Lens for the iPhone 4/4S would be the result. It's basically an LED-enhanced microscope built into a rubberized iPhone 4/4S case. Two dials on the top of the lens control focus and the LED light, and we're thinking there's a whole lot of fine-tuning that needs to be done to properly illuminate a dust mite.

The 100x Ultra Zoom Lens comes with three LR1130 watch batteries, which power the LED light, but there's no word on a carrying case or instruction manual. If your loved one is obsessed with life's miniature worlds, then this could be the ticket.

Key Features/Specifications

  • iPhone 4 compatible
  • Easy to attach
  • 100x zoom microscope
  • Separate focus dial
  • Ultra-bright LED
  • Rubberized case
  • Firm grip handle
  • Portable
  • 3 LR1130 batteries included

What we like: The largest zoom available for the iPhone.

What we don't like: iPhone only, may take some time to perfect.

GoPano Micro, $59.99/£37.37

The GoPano Micro brings 360-degree videos and stills to the iPhone.

Sometimes, a traditional field of view just won't cut it. What happens when the fleeting action happens behind you and by the time you turn around to capture it, you've already missed the shot? The GoPano Micro is an answer, providing 360-degree video capture on an iPhone 4/4S or iPhone 5.

The GoPano Micro comes with a custom-designed iPhone case and Micro Lens attachment. The lens attachement features a specially designed curved mirror that gathers light from all the directions and reflects it into a secondary mirror, which again reflects it back into the iPhone’s camera. This creates the ability to capture 360-degree videos that can be clicked and dragged during playback.

Users have to download the GoPano application before recording videos. Videos can be uploaded to and hosted for free, allowing users to embed them across the web. Unfortunately, there's no support for still image photography.

Key Features/Specifications

  • Compatible with iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5
  • Ultra-wide field of view (360° horizontally and 82° vertically)
  • Records complete 360° videos (not photos)
  • 47mm diameter/82 mm height / 28 grams (lens) & 28 grams (iPhone case)

What we like: 360-degree panoramic videos made easy.

What we don't like: Does not do still photos.

Instagram Cell Phone Cases


Instagram cases are the perfect merger of mobile phones and photography.

It comes as no surprise that one of the latest smartphone case fads has to do with Instagram. Two of the more prominent case makers are Casetagram and Instacanvas. These companies enable customers to upload images from Instagram and have them printed on a custom phone case. Instacanvas uses high-quality Casemate cases, but only offers these for the iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5. Casetagram models fit iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5, iPad 2 and 3, iPod Touch 4 and 5, Samsung Galaxy SII and SIII, and Samsung Galaxy Note and Note II.

Images can be configured in different patterns, filter effects, sizes and more. Casetagram also offers gift certificates: if your loved one hasn't found the perfect case for their phone yet, let them design it themselves.

Key Features/Specifications

  • Available for iOS and Samsung Galaxy devices
  • Advertise your own photography on your phone
  • Tons of configurable options available

What we like: Show off your photography every time you talk on the phone.

What we don't like: How about support for additional makes and models?


Total comments: 33

I-phone much ?

Jesus, how about something related to anything OTHER than the I-Phone ?


No suggestions for the Lumia 920? It's photo capabilities are light years (no pun..) ahead of the iPhone devices.

1 upvote

although it may not be available in all countries, would like to see a review of the newpcgadgets mobileriser smartphone kickstand as an alternative to a tripod.

Edited 1 minute after posting
1 upvote
Erin Lodi

Thanks, we'll take a look!


the woxom slingshot works on any phone, with or without case

1 upvote
Erin Lodi

Thanks for the tip!


Interesting list - good article.

Strangely, since I understand you're an Amazon company, I couldn't find the GripTight on Amazon at all!


Small correction -- the Restoration Hardware lens is a microscope in your pocket, not a telescope as the current caption indicates.

Barney Britton

Fixed, sorry about that...


7 out of 13 gift ideas here (more than 50%) are exclusively for iPhones (and one iPad also). That's no longer "mobile" photography gift ideas. Not even by chance.

Erin Lodi

Thanks for the input. The iPhone remains one of the most popular cameras on the market, so we can't ignore that fact either. We'll continue to highlight other smartphone and tablet tools, and would love to hear your recommendations.


And there was me thinking the iPhone was a phone...silly me


Yes it is. The other models are far too different to garner much of a market for such accessories, except the occasional "super sellers" like the Samsung Galaxy S III. So iOS devices, for the purposes of this market, is at least 50%. Yes, Penelope, noone is going to make a cool tripod mount for your Sony Xperia niche phone.


50% iOS? Plz do ur homework. That must have been a long time ago. Android has 50% and iOS is trailing behind. Your days numbered. And so for this blind worship

Edited 3 minutes after posting

Ok, Android phones may be outselling iPhones. But how many Androind phone models are there? And how many iPhones?
I'm and Android user (Samsung Galaxy SII) but even then I'm able to understand that's FAR EASIER for a company to focus on the iPhones than on a gazillion different Android phones.

If it's hard enough for third-party lens companies release different mounts having only a few in the market (talking about dSLR here), it'd be impossible to release those add-ons to most of the Android phones either.


Well, I don't care about what manufacture's do to get money (coz they don't get mine so easy!). However, it's absolutely unacceptable
1. from a consumer's perspective to say iPhone is the best, because they own it and their friend said so
2. from a journalist's perspective to misguide the reader saying the iPhone is the best, because most of them dumbos do not understand technology,
3. from a reviewer's perspective, naming the articles as "mobile"/"smartphone" and going "iPhone.. iPhone.. iPhone.. iPhone". And this is not the only article here where I see that. Hell, even this article's title picture proves me right!

Btw, if anything is more of a standard & universal among smartphones then it's the android phones' micro-usb port. So, according to you there should be more manufacturers going for that. Because, now Apple itself changed the port for iPhone 5!!!


There are dozens of android models and 1 iPhone...
So if you do the math, the iPhone outsells the androids.
And just FYI, I am now sitting in an Audi lounge waiting for my car to be serviced. The other 4 people next to me have iPhone 5's, like me, one has a 4s. every service advisor, except for one, have iphones... and I heard about 5 iPhone ringers just from other people roaming the area.
Start paying attention and u will see or yourself.
The only good thing the droids have is the bigger screen. The OS is like having a PC. Constant freezes and apps crashing. I've seen it on my moms Samsung... Out of the box, the camera app didn't open.
Even with the new lightning connector, the ecosystem for iOs devices will be as vast as it was with 30-pin in a few months. U can only get a few accessories for androids. No speakers, camera rigs or battery cases.
The iPhone will always look and perform better and it is a status symbol as well. Most of those
Prepaid cell phone companies have base model androids.
iPhone is still a sort of exclusive device...


if iphone owners are the target audience, is it asking too much to label the article as such ? this is the second time in as many weeks dpreview has posted an article claiming mobile/phone, but in truth it is iphone centric (the last one cited a photographer who ONLY shoots iphone!)


You're just proving that there are more average people in the world than the above average ones. I agree. And also proving that ignorance is bliss! I agree, again.

As an Android user, I may not have more camera rigs for my phone. And I don't need one, thanks to my above average (read superior) quency for image quality, I have a DSLR with multiple lenses & strobes and countless other accessories.

I may not have a choice of more and more stupid $20 farting speakers that attach to my phone (again thanks to my above average quency for audio quality). But there is one thing that we all have as Android/Windows/Symbian users, that none of you iOS users have. FREEDOM!!!! do what we want with our device, with whom, when we want and how we want to do it :) Sorry. And don't forget to add to that, latest technology, published phone specs, functioning maps, etc, etc, etc. We're pretty happy. No, thanks, for the golden cage :)


I'm looking for the perfect solution for taking still panoramas, and I would love it if DPReview looked at some of the options on the market.

Erin Lodi

If you're an iOS user, we did recently compare and contrast some great Panorama apps:
We also recently looked at the new Android Photo Sphere feature:


Thanks, but what about hardware accessories for panoramic photography, such as YOUBIQ Gymbl Panoramic Head and others?

Erin Lodi

Great idea for a story! thanks!


Just a suggestion:
Would it be possible for DPReview to create two separate front pages, with separate URLs. One with only reviews and camera news, the stuff that DPReview used to be about. And another which would include everything: mobile phones news, Leica awards, Hipstamatic, Foursquare, Google+, iOS, smartphones at weddings, Mobile Photography Awards, and whatnot? E.g. for everything vs for, well, real news and reviews without the ever-increasing mobile, tablet, and community articles?


Edited 58 seconds after posting
Scott Everett

Hi Henrik, you can actually do this already. Right at the top of the news feed is a set of option to filter the feed as you like, which will stick with your profile as a permanent setting. Just select the categories you want, say for example, "Reviews and Previews", "New cameras and lenses", and "Firmware & Software updates", and then click "MAKE DEFAULT". Then you will be all set, only hardnews. :)


@Scott, I think he's implying that your news are becoming more and more into social media and mobiles etc... rather than "classical" photography! However, I have the feeling that you knew what he mean t;-)


DPReview was never about classical photography anyway, the "D" stands for "Digital"... :)


(JadedGarner) I sure know what the original poster meant. I think anyone who has spent anytime at DPreview knows full well there is a dramatic difference between using a phone to take a picture vs real photography. I also concur with those pointing out the iPhone bias, it is most certainly there. I will admit, though, I'm just plain anti-Apple all the way around. I refuse to buy anything they make specifically because they're the ones who make it, & because everybody & their grandmother acts like they all but created the oxygen we breathe.

But anyway....


"Real photography" consists of two things:
1) Frame a shot
2) Take an exposure

There is nothing more "real" about doing those two actions with a DSLR than with a phone camera, any more than having a BMW means you can do more "real driving" than if you have a Fiat. Sure you have some more options, but if I have the choice between listening to a pro photographer who acknowledges that phone cameras serve a purpose and your arrogant dismissal of them, I pick the former.

But then you belong to the Apple hater church and thus is disconnected from rational thought anyway...


Hello Scott,

wow - while I now can clearly see it after checking, I had never noticed that filtering option before. Thank you for the info, it's pretty much exactly what I asked for. Thanks!


Nice list, some interesting gadgets. But, a mobile photography gift guide and no mention of the Nokia 808? Will there be a part 2 for those of us interested in mobile photography? iPhone gadgetry is hardly hard to come by... I challenge you to produce a list of 12 mobile photography accessories for proud camera-phone owners without once mentioning an iPhone.

Erin Lodi

Thanks for the comments. It would be hard to ignore the iPhone, as it remains one of the most popular cameras in use right now overall. Of course we love the 808 too, and we'll continue to share great gadgets we come across for all types of smartphones. Let us know if there's some in particular you'd like to see reviewed.

1 upvote

what about the dicapac waterproof case for smartphones and tablets?

Total comments: 33
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