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Adobe releases update to Photoshop Mix iPad app


In June Adobe announced Photoshop Mixan image organization and manipulation app for the Apple iPad which can sync with Photoshop CC for desktop computers and Lightroom Mobile via Adobe's Creative Cloud.Today the software maker has released Photoshop Mix 1.1, the first major upgrade to the new app. 

Apart from general performance improvements new features include the following:

  • Image Swap allows for changing the order of layers by dragging and dropping thumbnails.
  • The undo and redo functions have been redesigned for better usability, multiple undos and redos can now be applied within a task.
  • Full image-file exchange with the Photoshop Express desktop application is now possible.
  • Full-resolution files can now be saved to the user’s local camera roll.
  • The app now offers support for large panoramic images and PNG files.
  • The app now lets you open files directly from Dropbox.

You can find more detail on the update in a post on the Adobe blog or go straight to the iTunes app store to download the new version free of charge.  



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Its nice, now we can do picture editing any time, anywhere from our iPad... Thanks Adobe... :)


Super. Now i can show how cool i am editing image on iFat then place a note on bottom of the image - "Image edited on the road, please excuses quality issue"

Lars Rehm

Why would it be be of less quality than an image edited on a desktop? There is a lot of things you can very well on a tablet, some even on a phone. Obviously pixel-level editing is not one of them but cropping, color and tonal corrections all work very well.

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esmu urdis

possible 12.9 inch ipad means more real estate to play with...... apps will follow. with the ability of increased file sizes


One cannot even type emails without typos on iPhone, according to apple. Courtesy: Email sent from iPhone, please excuse typos's email signature.

By (unknown member) (Aug 29, 2014)

I was going to say that an Android version would be nice but in all reality I won't be doing any photo editing on my phone anyway...

Lars Rehm

this is for iPad, not for iPhone and tablets are certainly much more suitable for certain editing tasks than phones.

By (unknown member) (Aug 31, 2014)

Silly little toys for the masses.

Total comments: 8
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