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Eye-Fi launches new cloud storage service

You can store unlimited videos and photos for free using Circ's cloud storage service.

Eye-Fi, known for its Wi-Fi-enabled SD cards, is lauching a new cloud service called Circ.

Now open for beta testing, the service promises unlimited storage of your photos and videos in the cloud for free, with access across multiple devices and platforms via Circ mobile apps. To sync across more than two devices, users can upgrade to Circ Plus to use the service on up to 20 devices for $50 per year.

Circ apps work on iPhone/iPod Touch (iOS 5.0 or later), Android tablets and smartphones (Android 2.3 or later) and Windows computers (Vista/7 or later). A Mac version is expected soon.

If Circ piques your interest, it might be worth becoming a beta tester: Circ promises testers who log at least one bug or comment in its Beta Test Forums during testing will receive a 12-month subscription to Circ Plus for free.

An official launch date has not yet been confirmed.

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Very interesting, thank you. I've signed up for the Beta, but I do think this statement needs further investigation: "Smart compression preserves image quality, even for your biggest photos, and increases upload speeds." Hmm. Smart 'further' compression of a jpeg, I don't think so. Do the images de-compress when downloaded? "Circ's intelligent recompression safeguards photos & videos in original resolution, yet delivers a smaller file size for faster, more efficient upload and sync. Original resolution means you can confidently print a recompressed image and won't notice any difference to a print from the original file." To be fair, there are original file downloads to compare before and after, but it is noticeable that the image provided is mainly soft focus and has no straight lines:)

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M Lammerse

And another one...

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