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ProCamera update offers ISO control



ProCamera's latest update adds an ISO boost button for low light shooting.

ProCamera's latest update, version 3.8 from app maker Jens Daemgen, now lets users decide when to take advantage of the iPhone 5's expanded high ISO capabilities, and, more interestingly, when not to do so.

ProCamera's built-in camera switches ISO settings automatically, but stops at a maximum ISO of 800 to produce the highest quality results. A new night capture mode with ISO boost must be toggled on to take advantage of higher ISO sensitivies, which expand up to 3200 on the iPhone 5. Although the feature doesn't give you full ISO control, ProCamera's latest update is the first iPhone app we've seen that's offered such control over ISO sensitivity. 

With night capture mode with ISO boost disabled, the app's built-in camera will choose a top ISO of 800.
Enabling night capture mode with ISO boost allows the camera to choose an ISO setting up to 3200 on the iPhone 5.

Additional features for the update include “anti-shake” video stabilaztion for the app’s video mode, and adjustable JPEG compression as well as faster photo saving for iOS 6 devices. Unfortunately, the ability to use the volume button as a shutter trigger has been removed “as requested by Apple,” according to the developer. 

ProCamera is available in the App Store for $2.99/£1.99, and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. 

And if you're a fan of ProCamera HD for the iPad, ProCamera has also announced an iPad Photography Contest which starts today.



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Doesn't the iphone 5 automatically use ISO boost in darker settings - I get the impression that this app offers you something that the iphone does without this app - I've seen it work fine on my iphone in darker settings - within a second or two you can see the higher ISO boost kick in.


In the iOS API, the only way to control ISO is en/disabling is setting AVCaptureDevice.lowLightBoostEnabled on compatible phones (currently, iPhone 5 only). This is what the new button does.

BTW, in the meantime, several other camera apps have also received such a toggle.


This was my go to camera app, but now that the volume shutter button is gone I'm back to Camera+.

Couldn't they have made it a toggle option?


"Couldn't they have made it a toggle option?"

They could have. After all, most of the most important camera apps support it via volume up (not down), for example:

Camera+ (can be disabled in Menu > VolumeSnap)

Top Camera (must be enabled in Settings > Sound activated shutter [third, 'Camera Settings' group])

645 Pro MkII (must be enabled in Menu > Shutter release > Hardware shutter release)

Total comments: 4
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