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Polaroid to offer its own Android-based camera

A Russian social network site has shared an image of Polaroid's Android-based camera.

Polaroid appears to be set to announce an Android OS-based interchangeable lens camera at the CES 2013 trade show. Imaging Resource has written an article in which Scott Hardy, President and CEO of Polaroid, has confirmed the upcoming announcement. A product image on a Russian social media site shows a Nikon 1 series-like camera body and kit lens, while leaked specs suggest the camera runs Android 4, and features an 18.1-megapixel sensor and 3.5" touchscreen display. You can read more on


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I know a lot of people who only use Instagram on their smart phone as their sole photography tool. They have no digital camera or if they do they don't use it, it's old and/or broken and they're not going to fork out money to replace it in difficult economic times. Instagram seems to be the new Polaroid at the moment and has millions of users. I think the real Polaroid are finally cottoning onto the bandwagon and attempting to bring out something that will be similar and have social network connectivity. Sadly for them I think it's too late and people are not going to buy this camera when they can get an app on their smartphone that can do something similar, and probably cheaper. They are killing two birds with one stone until better times come along. Unfortunately in the meantime their photography suffers and in five, ten years from now will cringe at the Instagram effect photos they took today.


"I think the real Polaroid are ... "

There is no real Polaroid anymore. It's just a brand name that gets passed around from one low end camera maker to another.

The people who own Polaroid now have a history of making announcements and failing to come through with the product. From looking at the faked product photos I don't think this camera will ever see the light of day.


Android... "LOL" is all I can say. Photographers want CAMERAS, not touch screens and social networks. Hardware = win, Software = fail waiting to happen.

Pahahah! No thanks!

Oliver Lang

Some do yes, but there's a huge market for the devices that are emerging.

Of course these devices won't suit everyone, particularly film photographers like yourself who have no experience or need to explore the potential with new technology and devices.

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So what you are saying is we should use camera's that do not use any software? I believe that is called a Film Camera, as guess what? ALL Digital cameras are running some software. Show's how much you know about camera's and photography.


Samsung OEM?

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