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PICT turns product photos into interactive shopping experiences

With PICT, viewers will see that a photo on their social media site is "tagged" with products.
Interested shoppers can then see the product without leaving their social media site.

Call it the Pinterest Effect: companies are finding better ways to reach customers through visual social media. The photo-heavy social network Pinterest showed marketers that if their products are portrayed with a certain light-and-cute aestetic and fit a particular niche, they could tap into the Pinterest hivemind and receive insane amounts of traffic and subsequent sales.

PICT wants to up the sales of social media-marketed products by taking out a major step—with PICT, buyers will never have to leave the comfort of their social network to buy the product. 

First, users upload a photo with the PICT iOS or web app. Next, they can tag the products in the photos. Like Facebook tagging, PICT will automatically find and link to your product. After the photo is tagged, users can share to Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Instagram or Pinterest. PICT tracks all traffic and sales from the individual social networks so the seller can monitor their progress.

PICT is currently an invite-only affair, but the iOS app will be free once it is publicly available. Request an invite here.


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So I expect all photos on PICT to be paid content from the companies.


Revolting, IMO, working for free for a big company, deluded if theses companies think people will do this stuff.


Meh - just another item to take users off on a tangent from what they really were doing in the first place... Now we are able to embed "advertisements" into photos... GREAT... :(

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Social media has got to be top of the list for any marketing plan in new businesses now.

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