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Pheed app will further fuel your social networking addiction


Social networking fanatics will flock to Pheed, a new iOS app for sharing multiple images and video via yet another social network.

Think of Pheed as a suped-up Instagram: the format will feel familiar, but Pheed allows you to upload multiple images, video or audio, along with text. The social networking aspect of the app includes standard commenting capabilities -- called "Pheedback" --- and the heart-shaped love button, but also adds a broken heart button and a "Remix" button, which will share another user's post to your own feed -- a bit like a retweet.

Pheed is fun for sharing muliple photos in a post.
Pheeds allow for text, photo, video and audio posts.

The app is free, but users can opt to use a premium model that charges users for exclusive content. We can imagine brands may make interesting use of this feature. 


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I'd suggest steering clear of Pheed -- they recently burned a lot of bridges by retroactively changing their Terms of Service, deleting content without warning, deleting users without warning and using the official @Pheed and @Support accounts to harass users who complained. To make matters worse, they then used their official Twitter account to publicly harass users, including internationally-published photographers who left.

Screenshots and details on the carnage:

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Sigh... ANOTHER original idea... NOT!

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Good grief, Charlie Brown!

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