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Berlin Foto Festival features "Berlinstagram" exhibit

Michael Schulz, better known as @berlinstagram on Instagram, has 20 images in the Berlin Foto Festival.

The Berlin Foto Festival is again highlighting mobile photography at this year's show which begins today and runs through July 13 at The Browse Gallery. For the second consecutive year, the mobile photography work of Bruno de Cock will be shown in an exhibition entitled "On the road with the iPhone 2." Forty entries chosen from the event's mobile photography competition, Berlin Calling Mobile Photo Award, will be also displayed. And a new exhibition, Berlinstagram, will feature the work of Berlin smartphone photographer and prolific Instagrammer Michael Schulz.

Schulz (@berlinstagram) is showing 20 of his over 2,200 Instagram images at the Berlin Foto Festival. His street photography of Germany's capital professes his love for the city, capturing the distinct architecture, beauty and endearing grit of Berlin.

Check out a few of Schulz's most striking Instagram photos:


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Osvaldo Cristo

Blow-up and distorted and crazy colors are cool...

Crazy world. Counter culture?

Just another Canon shooter

Was he under a court order not to use other cameras?

I do not find anything striking about those images, except for the distracting over-processed look, a.k.a. Instagram.


With what other cameras can you take an image, apply a filter or image effect, then instantly upload it for all the world to see? And all without the need to carry any additional equipment other than the smart phone that you are already carrying? That's the beauty of Instagram photography...the time lag from seeing an image, to capturing it, to sharing it with the world couldn't be shorter. Not everyone wants to lug around a separate camera, take an image, then take it home to download it, process it, and finally to upload it. Camera phone photography strips photography down to its purist, simplist, and most immediate form.


Other great Exhibitions of the Berlin Fotofestival (non-mobile images) can be seen from 13-18 June 2013 in the Station Berlin, Luckenwalderstraße 4-6, 10963 Berlin (near Gleisdreieck).
International renowned photographers sucha s Christopher Morris, Ami Vitale and many more exhibit.

See also:

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Its like a child pretends to be Van Gogh, I feel sorry for the Germans :-) reminds me of the time when artists placed a turd in the corner of a room and called it art. It is not the framing I question its the tool and the way it is applied.
But hey everyone to its own ;-)


Keep in mind that when Van Gogh was painting, a lot of people (probably narrow-minded people much like yourself) didn't think much of his paintings either.

As for "the tool and the way it is applied", that's like ignorant and unartful people who look at a photo, and instead of enjoying the photo on its own merits instead ask the most pointless question of all: "What camera did you use?" Who cares what camera was used?!?! It's like asking what kind of paint brush Van Gogh used to paint his paintings! Who cares!? If you're so concerned about "the tool and the way it is applied", then you've completely missed the point of art and imagery.

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Are you seriously comparing this dude with Van Cogh?
LOL - thank you! I feel better now! (was depressed)


The whole article was written to highlight that these images will be used as a special "mobile photography" part of a photography exhibition. The author and exhibitor make it clear that the "mobile" aspect of these images is a very important part of their raison d'etre. I would say that merits discussion about "what camera was used?!?!" and what effect this does have on the final images, if any.

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