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Google+ app integrates Snapseed

New Snapseed features offer iOS users basic functions of the popular photo editing app within the Google+ app.
Editing tools will look familiar to Snapseed fans, but are pared down significantly.

New versions of the Google+ app are out for both Android and iOS users today, but iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users are first to see Snapseed integration for photos. 

The Apple version of the app, 4.3, is already available for download and offers some of Snapseed's most simple processes and a limited selection of filters. You'll see two versions of the familiar Retrolux and Drama filters, which you can then adjust accordingly using Snapseed's stacked editing controls.

The Android version of Google+ adds the ability to always share your location, as well as improvements to the way you can see images and interact through posts.

You can learn more about the updates on on the Google+ blog


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I'm now using Snapseed for almost two months on my iPad and it is great to see what you can do in a few minutes with a picture. It is intuitive and I more often use it as iPhoto that is also on my iPad. Other people, who saw me using Snapseed, were so enthusiastic , they also downloaded the app and are using it. For some, and I know this for sure, this was their first programme to work on pictures, but they love to use it.
Great programme!!!


What is Instagram ?

Eric Hensel

Oh, a trick question


Good question, but i would rather ask WHY is Instagram?


GooglePlus has a huge photographers community. This update is a step in the right direction.


wait... people are still using GooglePlus?


they actually should. google plus is way much more than facebook. google plus is google search, is gmail, is gdrive, is google maps, is youtube, blogger and everything else google offers in one's also android... of course all these integrations can be a problem for some too due to privacy issues but for someone who wants to build their presence on internet and release their creativity google plus is something they will benefit much more from than facebook. of course the only problem is why or how to leave facebook when all your friends are there. I have the same problem so it's hard to just switch but without any doubt facebook as such is an inferior product to google plus. it's actually not even in the same league so comparing them doesn't even make sense because what facebook offers is just one single aspect of google plus and not even in that aspect facebook is necessarily better. it just has more users for now. but google has actually 343 million active users.


G+ photo sharing has better quality and you can even share the full res now with GDrive. FB has been emulating G+ UI for a while now.


Or Snapseed + GooglePlus = Instagram + Facebook.

....which is not going to happen either.


well, it might not or it might. I for one can say that after seeing what snapseed can do compared to instagram I will be probably neglecting instagram in favor of snapseed because the quality difference is quite huge especially if you like to play with your photos a bit more than just choosing from a couple of fixed effects that can't be adjusted.

if you also consider that from snapseed you are one click away to saving photos on google + which has a much better image gallery than facebook to begin with then I don't see what you have to lose for trying it out.


snapseed upgrade really made this app the best of everything out there as far as what I have tried so far on android. the new filters really put instagram to shame.


I think maybe google is hoping Snapseed + Googleplus = Instagram.

Probably not going to happen.

Total comments: 12
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