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Microsoft testing its own smartphone, says WSJ

Microsoft's Joe Belfiore led the Windows Phone 8 operating system official launch Monday. 

Just five days after the official launch of the Windows Phone 8 operating system, The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Microsoft is testing its own smartphone design with component suppliers in Asia. 

The would-be device seems a further indication that Microsoft is making Apple-like moves to market both its own software and hardware, with the recent Microsoft Surface tablet leading the way. 

The first round of phones with the Windows Phone 8 OS become available this month, including the Windows Phone 8X by HTC, the Samsung ATIV S and the Nokia Lumia 920. The Samsung ATIV Odyssey, announced at the Monday Microsoft event, will be available in December, exclusively through Verizon.


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Yes, please, Linux guys, do something!

Microsoft is closing up its stupid platform, turning it from a minor annoyance into a major annoyance.

And look at those garish tiles for the color blind...

Oh, and good riddance to Sinofsky. Oh so humble out front, yet always ready to knife people who don't want to be his mindless drones. What a faker...


ubuntu phone lol


Hey Linux... what's the holdup? :)

Total comments: 3
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