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App tutorial: Vintage flare with Layout and Halftone


In a unique step-by-step app tutorial on, mobile artist Nettie Edwards explains how she uses both Layout and Halftone to create a textured composite, carefully colored to offer vintage appeal.

Both iOS apps from Juicy Bits have their own benefits and it's clear Edwards has thoroughly explored each.  With a little abracadabra and a whole lot of patience, Edwards gives detailed instructions on how she taught pages from old magic books a new trick. It's less about photography and more about app manipulation, but sometimes it's fun to learn a new spell or two.

You can check out the full tutorial on


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Flare is what happens when the light hits your lens a certain way. Flair Is what you were looking for. You are a journalist ...get it right..

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Journalist? You are kidding, right?

Total comments: 2
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