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JackPod will put a tripod mount on any smartphone

JackPod's Kickstarter was launched on March 1st.

Mobile photographers who need to take a group shot or can't seem to steady their hands look to tripods to help.  While there are plenty of options for those who want to mount their devices, few are 100% universal. A new product launched on Kickstarter last week looks to solve this problem.

JackPod fits into any smartphone's headphone jack and features a standard 1/4" 20-thread socket that can fit most camera tripods. This means that any mobile device—no matter the size, make, or operating system can be mounted with a single, super light weight accessory.

The JackPod is only .2 ounces and can fit in the palm of your hand. Costing only $10, JackPod aims to be the go-to tripod device for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry users alike.

As of this post, JackPod is still $14,000 short of its $16,500 Kickstarter goal. Interested buys can pick up the JackPod for $9 in the Kickstarter early bird special.


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Once again, thanks for the coverage an interest.

The JackPod! began as a DIY project using a repurposed headphone jack stuck into a piece of wood with a 1/4" 20-thread screw bought at a hardware store. The solution worked reasonable well, though we found that using an actual headphone jack activated the headphones and we could no longer hear a timer countdown or shutter. Over the last several months, we have gone through many rounds of prototyping to reach the version released on Kickstarter.

Cases with tripod screws exist and work great for some people, however, this remains device and case specific. It also adds bulk to the case for everyday use. The JackPod! can be left on your tripod and be used with your phone, your future phone, or your friend's phone. It is easy to use, lightweight, and low cost.


I had this idea about three years ago, but then decided against a DYI project for my N95 mainly because of weight and robustness (or lack thereof) concerns.
What can I say, if it's working, kudos to those who put it into practice!


You all need to unclench your buttocks a little. This is a good idea and would work in a pinch with any phone. There are a number of 360* pano rotators, egg timers, etc. that this would work great with. Lighten up!

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This can't be a good idea, you'll either knacker your headphone port or drop the phone when it you turn it landscape and it falls off! A case with a tripod screw makes more sense.

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Not many (if any) phones have the headphone jack in the centre, would it not work better using the Micro USB socket?

Which ever you use there's always going to be the problem of portrait vs landscape, one of them is going to make mini tripod mounting awkward.

A lot of phones now have either a smooth glass or plastic back, would a mini suction cup not be a better idea?


Thanks for the coverage, interest, and comments. My name is Joe and I am the creator of the JackPod!

Regarding the instability when the jacks are off to one side, we have tested the product extensively with many different phone models and both full-size tripods and mini-tripods. In all cases, it has worked, however with some larger phones and mini-tripods, it may be necessary to align the phone with one of the tripod legs to prevent instability. The JackPod! has proven strong enough even using the relatively ductile 3d printed prototype model. The final product will be a strong, hardened plastic.

The idea behind this universal mount is that instead of using a camera that isn't web connected and not always with you, you can use your phone on any tripod. If you are at a family gathering, anyone can use their phone to snap a nice group photo and share it instantly. If you are hiking, bringing just your phone and a mini tripod + the JackPod! will save you room and weight.

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So you've got your phone on you to take a picture (maybe an unexpected moment hence no camera), but you also have a tripod on you! Really? That seems an unlikely combination to have on your person!

Whats wrong with say a lump of blu-tac for a few pence!!


"The JackPod is only .2 grams" That's amazing! That's about 1/5 the weight of a dollar bill! says it's .2 ounces.


Hrmm. I can't say that this seems like the best idea to me, at least for heavy smartphones with headphone jacks way off to one side, like my Galaxy Nexus or the iPhone. Am I missing something?

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