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Hipstamatic launches social photo sharing with Oggl

Hipstamatic's new Oggl app allows for post-capture editing. 
Oggl's social component calls out the user's lens and film choices for each image.

Part of Hipstamatic's appeal lies in its lo-fi qualities. Fans of the iOS app choose from a variety of lenses and films, and are stuck with their selections once they've snapped the shot. It's about as close as you can get to the sort of commitment film photographers have to make while shooting with a smartphone.

But with the advent of Instagram, Hipstamatic's also felt lo-fi in terms of social sharing. The assortment of cool lens, film and flash combos make it fun for captures, but the app is lacking compared to the quick sharing capabilities of its counterparts.

Hipstamatic seems to be offering a solution today with the announcement of a forthcoming app, Oggl. Oggl will feature a built-in camera with Hipstamatic's well-known lens and film choices. Five favorite combinations will be preloaded and are aimed at landscape, food, portrait, nightlife and sunset shots. And for the first time, users will be able to preview their lens and film combos before shooting, and edit the effect afterward. Social networking is incorporated into Oggl, and initial screenshots Hipstamatic is sharing show that lens and film choices are called out for each image. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, Tumblr and Flickr sharing is available, and users can tag both locations and fellow Oggl community members. 

For now, Oggl is invite-only. We'll look forward to sharing our thoughts once we can give it a spin.


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I have no time for this. I'm too busy building software. Software that is going to be a website wherein you'll be able to seek out old friends, make them your friend and then tell the each other the most mundane things in our lives. This software is going to be big. I will call it a social network.

Similar thoughts must have gone through the minds of the folks at hipstamatic, only related to sharing photos.

Dear Hipstamatic,

You're in the harbor. See that ship on the horizon you can just barely make out. Yeah, that was your ship. Instagram is at the helm.

I like Hipstamatic and have bought several paks, but this is a lot of days late and lots of dollars short.


This would have been great 2 years ago with a better name. Eyeem & Instagram already have the market covered.

Total comments: 2
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