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iFixit teardown: What makes the GoPro go?

GoPro's Hero3 gets the teardown treatment from

The folks over at have torn apart GoPro's Hero3, the Wi-Fi-enabled, 4K-resolution-capable camera designed to capture sports and action video and stills.

The teardown revealed a separate lens within the tiny 59 x 41 x 21 mm camera, helping boost its repairability score to 7 out of 10 on the iFixit scale. The iFixit team also found: 

  • Minimal adhesive securing the front cover.
  • Four surprisingly-long (8.1 mm) T4 Torx screws holding most of the the GoPro internals together. 
  • The Hero3's 3.7 V battery is rated at 1050 mAh/3.85 Wh, a 50 mAh decrease from previous models -- presumably due to the device's smaller size.The battery is intended to be easily replaced by the user, and requires no tools to access.
The Hero3 comes in white, black and silver editions with 5, 12 or 11 megapixel cameras, respectively.
  • The image sensor pops off the motherboard assembly and can be replaced independently of the rest of the board. This should keep repair costs down if the sensor itself dies, but not the whole motherboard. 
  • Chips on the motherboard include: 
    • Chipsip CT4924 multi-chip memory package
    • Ambarella A770 camera system-on-a-chip
    • Austriamicrosystems AS3713 system PMU with backlight driver
    • Freescale Kinetis SCK20DN51Z USB controller
    • Qualcomm Atheros AR6233GEAM2D 802.11n + Bluetooth 4.0 controller
Most components in the Hero3 use very little power and generate minimal heat. A light coating of thermal compound on the image processor is the most aggressive cooling feature in the device.

You can see the full teardown on the iFixit website.


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vladimir vanek

hey guys. as for the "aussie" thing: I'm not sure if you ever heard of a continent called Europe where a country named Austria is. So please keep your "Aussie" facts and fictions to yourselves and don't make fools of yourselves. The word Austria in "Austriamicrosystems" does not refer to Australia... :D

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I say get rid of the GoPro all together and get the Sony Action cam...lighter, cheaper and just much better overall. I recently switched from the gopro to the action cam coz I couldn't afford to replace my broken gopro (yes broken, barely even used it) and I'm so glad I made the switch. Look at the footage on their tumblr...


Too bad it's impossible to mount the Sony camera on your forehead or chest. One of the biggest advantages of the entire GoPro line is being its flat.

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What's with the Aussie "developed here" rant - does that really matter? And who cares who was first? Apple didn't produce the first music player with its own internal storage system, but they did produce the best and sold the most.

As for wifi - its eventual incorporation was rather obvious and obiquitous.


So, whose is the sensor?


That question is not even in proper English, and even if it was, what difference does it make to you?


What difference does it make to you what difference does it make for me, or whether or not I used proper or improper whatever in the question above? ;)

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What's wrong with the English in peevee1's sentence?


Whose sensor is this? Whose usually sits before a noun. I think it's not wrong, just not that right!
Nevertheless in an almost universal site forum it seems to me that it is very rude to trash someone like that!
Francis, I'm almost sure I can write and speak much proper English than you can Portuguese,!

Edited 2 times; latest 10 minutes since posting

"The Hero3's 3.7 V battery is rated at 1050 mAh/3.85 Wh. The battery is intended to be easily replaced by the user, and requires no tools to access."

Wow, a replacable battery of this capacity in a camera this tiny. Compare GoPro Hero3 battery situation to some of the much pricier cameras having non-removable batteries. Including the $3,000 Blackmagic Cinema Camera, that (if it ever gets made, that is) would also come only with a baked-in non-removable battery.

Kudos to GoPro Cineform, they are now the world's undisputed leader in this particular form factor cameras. Their Hero3 is to kill for, and amazingly, they can actually make it and sell it, unlike that Australian camera that everyone is feverishly talking about but apparently almost nobody is using.


But it does have that Australian invention that (nearly) everyone talks about, via, around and every which way.
If wasn't for the Aussie thing you Yanks would still have a wire from your control!
That's WiFi I'm talking about here in case you were not aware.

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Last I checked, 802.11n (from the chips listed and official camera specs) was part of WiFi, in case you were not aware...

Perhaps a bit less effort being snotty and more paying attention next time?


Yep probably correct for the version, update, GoPro use, whatever.
Fact remains that you would not have it, and others still snivel about it, but the CSIRO developed it. Now blow your snotty nose about that!

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And maybe, just maybe, GoPro utilise the Frazier lens concept, can't find a reference to it for the GoPro, but not surprised though. But with my own use of these marvellous and versatile cameras I can not be other than impressed with the DOF and wonder how it is achieved. And by the way, another development from an Aussie, much maligned and snotty nosed by those that didn't come up with it.

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