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New SanDisk microSD cards speed image capture and transfer


SanDisk is touting its new SanDisk Extreme microSDXC memory cards as the "world's fastest" and promising they'll speed both image capture and transfer for smartphone, tablet and camera users.

SanDisk reports its microSDXC card read speed is as fast as 80MB/sec with write speed up to 50MB/sec. This should result in both faster file transfer times and improved capture performance, especially when using the multi-shot burst mode on your mobile device or recording HD video.

SanDisk's new line of Extreme microSDHC and microSDXC cards are now available worldwide in 16GB to 64GB capacities, priced from $59.99 to $199.99 USD. Learn more at


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So will Sandisk now replace those 6 of the cards they previously sold me which have such erratic access times that I cannot use them with my GoPro3 (Protune)? An 80MB/sec average speed is useless if occasionally the card takes 700msec to return from a write access, causing software timeout in the GoPro...

I have ordered a 16GB version of these (which is almost as expensive as my excellent 64GB Samsung Pro mSDXC cards) and will test the cards out thoroughly this time..


Good news, I am actually using the previous generation of these Sandisc extreme cards in My N900 Nokia internet tablet to host a swap partition , the remaining space to capture pictures.
This otherwise excellent N900 has been factory crippled RAM wise (only 256MB)


Anyone have any experience using mSD cards in an SD adapter on a regular camera? Would they still operate at their rated speed? I've noticed the market's starting to turn and the same capacity mSD card is now often cheaper (albeit usually slower) than SD, the speeds are getting close too.

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Good question. To be honest, I never considered the adapter might cause a loss in speed.

If there are no electronics that could cause some issue and the adapter just relocates pins, I wouldn't know why not.

I bought a uSD for a P&S just to have flexibility down the road. It resides in an adapter with no conflicts. Admit I am not really worried about utmost performace, though.


Your better of just buying a regular class 10 uhs1, they are cheap.


I have used them, the adaptor that Sandisk include with their cards is, as far as I can tell, transparent as far as transfer speeds go.

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