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What BlackBerry users' low data consumption may reveal

BlackBerry's new operating system is on display in the recently launched BlackBerry Z10 smartphone -- will a new emphasis on imagery and apps boost BlackBerry data usage?

A new study released by Actix reveals that BlackBerry users consume 50% less data than their Android counterparts. Presumably, this means that BlackBerry users are spending less time browsing online, streaming video and uploading images.

The study goes on to describe how if BlackBerry users made the switch to another operating system, overall mobile traffic would increase by 20%.

But we wonder if in fact BlackBerry users will begin to up their data consumption just by upgrading to the BlackBerry 10 operating system available on two new handsets: the Z10 and Q10

For years BlackBerry branded itself as a mobile device company built for business, but with its latest OS and devices launches at the end of January, it seems the Canadian smartphone manufacturer is far more focused on camera features and expanding its app store. Time will tell if the new OS will change how consumers use BlackBerry products, and if more will be willing to do so.

Actix's study also revealed that a new smartphone can add 20% more data per user. This stat could boost BlackBerry's data usage as more owners of the device upgrade to the Z10. The study also stated that smartphones released in 2012 generate 2.5 times more traffic per user than those released in 2009.

Additionally, Actrix reports that even though 115 million tablets have entered the market, 80% of all downloaded data is going to smartphones—meaning that even though tablets are optimized for content streaming, users are more prone to download to the devices that are always with them in their pockets.


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Does this not just tell us there are far more ads in Android apps? (not trolling here, I'm an Android user)

Richard Murdey

What a strange way of reporting the data. "People with Blackberries use less data than people with Android smartphones." (sure, fine) "If everyone with a Blackberry used as much data as an average Android user, the total data usage would go up 20%" (wait, what!? That's 100 x [number of BB users X (Android average data use - BB average data use) / (number of BB uses X average BB data use + number of Android users X average android data use] Zoinks!


I use both an Android phone and a Blackberry. BB used to be at least mechanically solid - not anymore. Some applications stopped functioning, as they aren't supported anymore.
Android is in another league. Why on earth should I buy a BB again?

Osvaldo Cristo

Too late, guys.

I was a Blackberry user for years and got a lot of frustrations with their proprietary BIS and (mainly) BES. What stupid move to insist to be farther from the standards in this age.

At last I went to Android (Razr). I never ever want to try anything from Blackberry...


This is no surprise at all because

a) Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) and Blackberry Enterprise Servie (BES) highly compress data traffic (plain text by factor 10) and

b) using current BB devices is no fun at all.

Common sense would have lead to this conclusion.

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Total comments: 5
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