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Dubble app crowdsources to create double exposures

Your "Dubbles" are a digital double exposure of sorts, combining a "Single" image you've uploaded via the Dubble app with another submitted someone else in the Dubble community.
The combined effect is often quite appealing when two uploaded "Singles" are combined to create a "Dubble."

Dubble is a new community-based photography app for iOS with lomo flair. Dubble takes the concept of double exposures — either a trick or a mistake in which photographers expose a roll of film twice, thereby layering two images in a single frame — and applies it to your smartphone, with a crowdsourcing twist.

Users submit "singles," images imported from your Camera Roll or captured using the in-app camera, which are randomly paired with another "single" to create a double exposure, or "dubble."

We've been playing with a beta version of the app since late September and can attest for the app's fun factor, as well as the quality of the results. Of course some combinations work better than others, but we've seen some rather stunning results too.

Some Dubble results have surprised us with serendipitous results.
You can tap on another user's name to see more of their dubbles and singles too.

There's a bit of a Chatroulette factor at work here in that users are thrown into interacting with each other. Other apps like Rando and Bout have experimented with random photo swapping in an app before, but Dubble's draw is more creative than simple sharing or competition. Users can unwittingly create some very interesting images together.

Once you upload a single, you'll see your first dubble made with that image nearly instantly. Both users' names are listed under the image. You can tap on either name to see their profile, including their dubbles and singles. If they've uploaded a profile photo and added the name of their hometown and a link to their website, you'll see that, but not much more. 

You can delete a dubble from your profile if you don't like it by flipping, then deleting it.

Dubbles are square format only and 1,200 pixels. The serviceable-but-not-exciting in-app camera shoots only square, or you can crop images imported from your camera roll.

Dubbles can be shared via Facebook and Twitter initially, with support for Instagram and Flickr expected later. 

You can tap on a dubble to see it in “individual view.” 
From this view you can zoom in further. An orange bar at the bottom of the screen reports download progress.

Dubble brings up some interesting questions of ownership and copyright. We're certainly not lawyers, but the Terms and Conditions for this app were an interesting read: 

"When you dubble with another member to create a dubbled Image, all intellectual property rights in the dubbled Image (including copyright) will belong to the members whose Images have been used equally. This is regardless of the actual proportions of the original Images from which the dubbled Image is composed.

If one of your Images is used to create a dubbled Image you cannot exploit, sell, put to any kind of commercial use or transfer your rights in the dubbled Image without the consent of the other member whose Image has been used."

The T&Cs get even more interesting when they delve into what might happen if a dubble were to be used for commercial interests, in which case the makers of Dubble take on the role of agent to negotiate use of the image and collect 15% of the profits (each user receives half of the remaining 85%).

For now, Dubble is only for iOS users, though developers have expressed they are considering both Android and Windows versions. Learn more about Dubble and see examples at


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Well, this seems useful and important.


That will definitely save the world!

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DPR, PLEASE keep cell phone coverage and real camera coverage separate. I don't care what kind of worthless cr*p you post here on "Connect," be keep it on Connect. Don't put this cr*p on DPR's home page.

Just think, maybe you could actually find room on DPR for articles about real cameras again! What a concept, a camera site that's about cameras!

If I want to read about cell phone photography I can find my way here by myself.

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Mmm, hipsters.

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"all intellectual property rights in the dubbled Image (including copyright) will belong to the members whose Images have been used equally. "

So the key is to get "dubbled" with someone who is famous and will sell tons of the image so YOU/I can collect half.


Could you please rename Connect to 'Do Not Read this Naff Article' please.


Why? Are you incapable of remembering which sites you don't like?

I have a similar problem, so I can sympathise. I'd be grateful if you could change your username to "do not read my tedious comments".


The problem is that it shows up on dpreview's front page, where there are interesting news. I do suspect that dpreview and connect attract a very different set of people, and indeed, connect news would be better off from dpreview's front page.

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Thanks for your sympathy JWest and backatcha.

Richard Shih

On dpreview, above the news there is a "Filter news" option where you can uncheck Connect posts.


You want sympathy for deliberately clicking through to an article only to complain about it? What is the world coming to?

Oh alright then... "there there groucher, never mind the nasty article, it's all going to be okay".

For what it's worth, I agree that some Connect content can be a bit asinine, especially the incessant stream of articles about "real photographer uses camera phone omg wowz". But it's our choice whether we click through and read this stuff, and I thought this app was a pretty fun little idea.

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Thanks for the article Erin! We were totally blown away by this photo from your stream

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