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Adobe Photoshop Touch app updated for smaller tablets

Adobe is updating its Photoshop Touch app for more tablet users.

An updated version of the Adobe Photoshop Touch app offers optimization for smaller tablet displays, including the iPad Mini and Google Nexus 7. iPad users will also see more stylus support for Pogo Connect, Jot Touch and JaJa.

 The latest version is now available for iPad from the iTunes App Store, and for Android from Google Play and the Amazon Appstore, for $9.99.

Full press release

Adobe Optimizes Photoshop Touch for iPad Mini and other 7-inch Tablet Displays, Adds New Features

Adobe today announced the immediately availability of Adobe Photoshop Touch 1.4, which brings optimization for smaller tablet displays including the iPad Mini and Google Nexus 7, in addition to new features and bug fixes for all users. The update comes on the heels of Adobe and Amazon’s earlier announcement of Photoshop Touch availability in the Amazon Appstore and support for the Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD.

Photoshop Touch 1.4 brings new features and effects, including:    

  • Added support for three pressure-sensitive styli for iPad: Pogo Connect, Jot Touch and JaJa
  • New ways to share completed projects to Facebook and Twitter directly from the app
  • Added effects including Lens Flare and Stamp Pattern
  • New performance and workflow enhancement including smoother brush strokes and new color selection workflow 

Photoshop Touch brings the legendary creative and image-editing magic of Photoshop to tablet devices, now expanded to support more tablets and displays to provide customers greater flexibility to create.

Pricing and Availability

Adobe Photoshop Touch 1.4 is immediately available as a free download for existing Photoshop Touch users in the iTunes App Store, Google Play and Amazon Appstore; new users may purchase the app for US$9.99.


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I hope this app comes to windows RT


Yeah that's terrible. Wacom and N-Trig are probably the #1 and #2 industry standard for active digitizer pens too. Its probably just an Android limitation. There probably isn't a standard "Pressure" level for touch points yet. If Android natively supports pressure, I bet it would be easy for apps to support universally.


There at least 3 free apps(well I only use three) from the marketplace on my Thinkpad Tablet that offers full pressure support. If small companies can do it, I don't see why a large company like Adobe couldn't.


That sounds good.
Could you let us know which one you use?
Thank's a lot.


Well my favorite is Papyrus, which is an app you can use to take notes, draw on a blank sheet of paper, or even do work on graph paper. The other I use Marker, which is just drawing app using markers. Both really take full advantage of the tablets pressure sensitivity.


So, they add pressure sensitivity for the iPad, which not everyone has those specific accessory pens, but not for Android, which device like the Galaxy Note 10.1 comes standard with a wacom Pen, or even the Thinkpad Tablet with the N-Trig pen? Not cool Adobe.

Total comments: 6
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